Reunions are all the buzz right now. Tons of movies and TV Shows from days gone past are coming back in new and exciting ways. There was Beauty and the Beast, The Mummy, It, Lethal Weapon, SWAT, MacGyver, and even Charmed. All of which have recently returned. Even musical artists that were not around for a bit are choosing now to make a comeback. One of those musical groups is the Jonas Brothers.

If you haven't heard the news yet (which is practically impossible), the Jonas Brothers are back together and releasing new music. The internet is flooding with people excited about the news.

Do I know who the Jonas Brothers are? Yes!

Have I listened to their music before? Yes!

Do I know there was a Jonas TV Show? Yes!

Am I screaming because they are reuniting? No!

What would make me scream is if them reuniting also meant they were re-connecting professionally with the amazing Demi Lovato. What would make me scream was if they made a Camp Rock 3.

Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam are films starring the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato where they attend a music camp in the summer. Each of the films was made by Disney and aired as a Disney Channel Original Movie.

Camp Rock gave us a great storyline about a girl who goes to this music camp and meets a star who she falls for. It was totally PG and totally appropriate for the tweens we were back then. The Final Jam, on the other hand, left us all wondering what had happened to the Camp Rockers and the one lone kiss was also appropriate for Disney, but not for the teenagers most of the audience had become by then. Sadly, a third film tying the series together never made it out.

I would personally, love to see a Camp Rock 3 happen. What is even better is both Joe and Demi have both said they are on board for a Camp Rock 3, but that it would need to be Rated-R because they aren't kids anymore and their fans aren't kids either. To learn more about the possibility, check this out Camp Rock 3: The College Years.

To be quite honest, I just really feel like Mitchie and Joe deserve a better ending and what better way for Disney to "grow up" with their fans. And new music from the Jonas Brothers with Demi would be a brilliant strategic move on the Jonas Brothers' part to help promote them getting back together again, not that they need it.

All in all we, as fans of the films, deserve a part 3. I'm crossing my fingers it actually happens, until then, I'll be re-watching Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam for the hundredth time.