The Importance of Firewall Software in Staying Protected from Hackers

The Importance of Firewall Software in Staying Protected from Hackers

Protected from Hackers

Most of us fail to realize the fact that we are highly vulnerable to security breaches while being on the web. Getting all the facts straight, it is obvious that we perform all our tasks through the internet and have a very strong online identity which is represented through various social media platforms. Sensitive tasks like keeping a track of your assets and financial transactions are also carried out through the web, putting our financial well-being prone to high risk.

Cyber Crime – An Increasing Threat

According to Gartner, the rise in cybercrime has caused the information security to spend more than $86.4 billion in 2017 alone. Over the next five years, it is predicted that the global spending on cybersecurity products will exceed $1 trillion. Considering that in 2015, 177,866,236 personal records were exposed just because of a data security breach reported by ITRC Data Breach Reports, it is no surprise that such humongous amount is spent to ensure online security of individuals and enterprises.

Importance of Firewall Protection

On the personal front, the best things which the individuals can do is to get such software which will protect their identity and data, thus, arises the need for firewall protection. The function of a firewall is to protect you from prying folks and stop the thieves and intruders from getting access to your phone or laptop. A firewall will not only protect you from worms but will also ensure that all the important information doesn’t leave your laptop or workstation without you knowing or without your consent.

One has to pay a high price to safeguard his passwords, bank details, and all the other important personal information. The good and reliable software is expensive but you can avail some amazing discounts from By paying a fraction of what you would be paying otherwise, you will be able to protect your computer from all the external threats.

Notorious Cyber Attacks in 2017

2017 is not over yet and we have already seen some high-profile attacks which have cost some huge sums of money to the affected parties. During the month of May, a number of businesses and healthcare units were attacked by a ransomware software called WannaCry. The servers and computers of millions of individuals from 74 different countries were infected by it including a big name like FedEx.

Game of Thrones is followed by a wide audience and HBO had to face a major setback when 1.5 terabytes of data were stolen while people were anticipating the next episode of its most-watched show. Although no ransom was demanded, the channel still had to go through the trauma of an upcoming episode being leaked.

Despite having a great firewall software, your online identity and personal data might still be vulnerable to an attack. So, make sure that all your information has back up and is kept in a place where the hackers won’t be able to access it easily.

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