The Horror Of Hiddleswift

The Horror Of Hiddleswift

And what it reveals about the media

Taylor Swift is dating Tom Hiddleston. The world might just end.

Let me be clear: I don’t generally read gossip magazines or tabloids or anything of that nature. Sure, I read the headlines when I’m waiting to buy my poor college kid ramen at the grocery store. Who doesn't? But I am not really “in the know” about celebrity lives. That being said, the news that Tom Hiddleston is dating Taylor Swift shocked me. It seems that Hiddleston, the dapper British gent that the Internet worships, has chosen to date the perky long-legged popstar that so many love to hate.

The British tabloid Daily Mail has declared Hiddleston’s actions, along with the staged pictures from Swift’s July 4th party, “cringeworthy.” LA Times has also reacted in disgust, citing Hiddleston’s shirt that proudly stated I [heart] T.S. as a sign that he has become “a British prisoner of war, forced against his will to celebrate the independence of the most belligerent of England’s former colonies.” In other words, the media believes Swift has brainwashed her new boyfriend into worshiping her, for there is no way a man in his right mind—especially this upstanding Brit—would date her. Ouch.

It seems the Internet is taking the news pretty hard. USA Today describes Hiddleston as “the Internet’s boyfriend” and E News finds that his “legions of virtual lovers” are in an uproar over his romantic choice. And though you won’t hear me blaring any T-Swift songs while driving around town, I was a little taken aback at the media’s reaction. True, I was also confused at first. The match combines two completely opposite celebrity personalities. It seemed unlikely, so I did some research. I was curious. The idea of Hiddleswift being a legitimate thing was bizarre to me, so I wanted to check the facts. What I discovered was fascinating. In an effort to deny that their darling has not taken up with a media loving pop star, many Internet users have come up with conspiracy theories. The most likely is that this is a publicity stunt, a fake romance, to get both celebrities attention.

If this relationship is an act, it’s been done well. Swift and Hiddleston (now referred to as Hiddleswift) have been cited touring in Rome, visiting Hiddleston’s mother in England and partying it up at Swift’s Rhode Island mansion. Now, the couple has traveled to Australia—a trip that was well documented by photographers. It seems their every step must be recorded, as well as their coordinating outfits.

Honestly, I’m horrified by what I’ve found—and it’s not the truth that the Hiddleswift relationship exists. It’s the public’s obsession over a couple whose relationship none of us have a right to know the details of. If they’re doing it for publicity, then fine. They’re surely getting it. If they truly like each other (love seems a stretch this soon, but how am I to know?), then great. It’s none of my beeswax. And quite frankly, it’s none of yours either. Unless you’re one of them—which I doubt.

Our culture has become obsessed with gossip—specifically celebrity gossip. We love to know the minute details of their lives because our own just aren’t glamorous enough. We think we know them. We think that because we’ve seen pictures and interviews and memes and Instagram accounts, these people are our friends—or boyfriends. But they’re not. I hate to break it to you folks, but Tom Hiddleston is probably not who you think he is. You may have a perception of him, but that’s based on how he presents himself. What if he has created an image for himself that isn’t true to who he really is? Oh, the horror.

It seems the Internet has refused to consider a plausible (and more likely) explanation. Tom Hiddleston met a girl. He thought the girl was pretty. He asked her out. She said yes. They like each other’s company. The end. Yes, his choice of pretty girl is surprising. But…who cares? I began my research for this article curious and confused by Hiddleswift. And I end a little wiser, I hope, as I’ve come to the realization that no matter how bizarre their relationship is, it’s their relationship, not mine. This media obsession may be what they want, but either way, their private lives—including who they chose to date—is entirely their own matter. If it reveals something about their character that the public didn’t realize before, okay. Now we know: Hiddleston likes perky blondes. But beyond that surprising fact we have no reason to be upset or judgmental of their relationship.

So, Hiddleswift, I wish you the best of luck. And Internet, dry those tears, pick yourself up and move on.

Cover Image Credit: ET Online

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