The Handmaid's Tale: Disturbing Or Worth The Watch?

Here's a list of why the show is disturbing, but good.

1. The phrases the people of Gilead use.

The "praise be" and "under his eye" and "May the Lord open" are all too creepy.

2. Fertile women are raped once a month by a "commander".

To get pregnant with his child and give it to him and his barren wife.

3. If you do anything as little as break focus and look away, you will be harmed.

With a tazer, no big deal.

4. The barren wife stays while the handmaid is raped.

"Because this way they are truly one." It's called the ceremony if that isn't creepy enough.

5. Some commanders go to a place called Jezebels.

This place is a fancy brothel. The commanders are being hypocritical by doing this because their own written laws say to be loyal to your wife outside of the ceremony.


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