When I found out about the horrible thing you had done to one of the best girls I know, my whole world was flipped upside down. The first thought that popped into my head was "wow there really aren't any good men out there anymore." I couldn't believe it. This guy (who had not only given her love, but also to me) had completely betrayed all of us, but especially and most importantly you betrayed her. I cried for her. I mourned for her. My heart was completely shattered. And I wasn't even the one that had to go through the real pain.

Telling her was a process. There was no easy way and there was definitely not a "perfect time" to sit her down and tell her the love of her life had done the worst thing anyone could do to someone. When the topic was brought to her attention, I have never seen her so strong. I have never seen a woman stick to her guns the way she did. How could you do this to the one woman who was going to love you more than anyone ever could? Was that other girl worth it? Those risque texts and meaningless nights... were they worth losing the love of your life? The one who would show you what true love was? The one who would help you grow up, help define yourself, and become who you are now?

None of us wanted to believe it was true. We wanted to believe that there was a faithful man out there, and we were just lucky enough that our best friend could have him. As I look back, I see some of the red flags. I thought about the way you looked at other women, the gestures you would make, and the vibe you would give off. I wish that I would have said something to her. I wish I would have warned her and told her to be careful. But I didn't want to believe that someone like you could do something like you did. I wanted to protect her, but I failed.

I want to hate you because you hurt my best friend. I want to hate you for making her cry, for her contemplating life, for destroying the innocence she always possessed. But I can't. I can't hate you because she loves you so much. She loves everything about you, even after everything you did.

I will never understand how you could do what you did to a girl who gave you the world. I will never understand why you didn't just end it. I will never understand how you could have lived with yourself knowing she was right there the whole time.

You're a lucky man, though. You're lucky because she loves you and I love her so I will support her in the decisions she makes about you. We all will. I will watch her go back to you over and over again. I will watch her be miserable and happy for the rest of her life because you decided you wanted a temporary feeling of attention from a girl who would later call your girlfriend every awful name in the book. You sure did pick a winner, didn't ya?

You are lucky because even if she decides that she just can't trust you to ever be with you again, you had the privilege of loving one of the best people I know. You had the opportunity to be with a beautiful woman, with so much heart, compassion, love, and ambition. You had the opportunity to spend your life with someone who sees so much more in you than you could ever see in yourself.

And maybe she'll run back to you. Maybe she'll decide that what you did was a mistake, "you're young", and things can change. Maybe, just maybe.

But I hate you for hurting her. I hate you for making her cry and feel a pain she never needed to feel. I hope you understand what you did. I hope you understand that you are one lucky dude that she has a million people around her that support her and love her. Because if she didn't, I don't think she'd even think about giving you a second chance. I will never understand how you could have been so selfish, but she's an awesome girl that stills sees all the good in you. Despite the awful decisions you decided to make. I pray to God you never hurt her again. Because if you do, it's not going to turn out as well as it did this time for you.