First off, thank you. I know I say thank you a lot, probably more than you like. I do appreciate having you around. I haven’t had much luck with guys in the past and you’ve stuck around longer than I could have ever imagined (and hopefully will be around for a long time).

Being in a relationship with you has taught me more about myself. When I’m with you, I’m able to be myself, because we have the best relationship. The type where we can tell each other everything and be each other’s best friends. I always get butterflies with you, after over a year of dating, because you mean so much to me. We can be silly and joke around and we can be supportive of each other and motivate each other. We have this connection like no other.

You have taught me to love myself, before loving anybody. I have had trouble with self-love and you have helped me through. Though I am not at my goal yet, I will keep staying persistent. I have a lot of flaws, but you see them as my imperfect perfections. You call me beautiful, even when I think I’m not. The tricky thing about beauty is that you have no idea what other people see, because 1. You are not seeing it from their perspective and 2. You are already used to your features and have had them your whole life. When someone gives a compliment, they see the beauty that is vibrantly spreading and extraordinary.

You have taught me that communication is everything in a relationship. Throughout our relationship, we have had some days that were better than others. Over time, our communication has gotten stronger and we have a bond like no other. We have the ability to talk things out when it comes to arguments and we know how to calm each other down. I think that little things like that is what makes our relationship special because we know so much about each other.

Those are just two of the many lessons that you have taught me. Being with you has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have learned so much about you and we have grown so much together. I look forward to the future and learning more about you and us as a couple.