The Guide To Keeping Your Dorm Room Clean
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The Guide To Keeping Your Dorm Room Clean

Tips to keep your dorm neat and clean for a healthier and better look.


For a student, having a clean dorm room can be a challenge.

In most cases, students are not keen on the hygiene of their rooms. However, many do not always have the time to straighten it out. Plus, many students share a room with at least one other student. As a result, having a cleaning routine may sometimes be impossible.

In several instances, you may have a lot of school work to attend to. Or, you may have a roommate that is not willing to help out. Therefore, your room can become messy quickly. So, read through this guide on keeping your dorm room clean.

Have a Cleaning Routine

The easiest way of having a clean room is to have a fixed cleaning routine. With a cleaning routine in place, you will always tidy up your room at a particular time periodically. If you can, dust and sweep up your room every day in the morning. You can also do it every other day. Do not go more than two days without cleaning your room. Doing this can make the process harder during exam time. In addition, you can alternate cleaning chores if you have a roommate. However, make sure each person keeps up their end of the bargain.

Avoid Piling Clothes

The quickest way of making a dorm room dirty and unorganized is to pile clothes. Never throw dirty clothes on the bed or the floor. Doing this will quickly clog your room. Rather, you should keep your clothes in a laundry basket. Or, you can fold them and stack them in your closet. Similarly, you should have closet space for keeping clean clothes. You can also hang some clothing items you want to wear more than once.

Have a Study Plan

Being a student does not mean living without a plan. Therefore, having a study plan helps you stay in control of your academic life. Likewise, it makes your social and personal life easier. As a result, you are better able to clean and maintain your room if your life is organized. When school work becomes hectic, you can look to the best research paper writing service for your writing needs. This service will help you maintain a balance between all aspects of your life as you study.

Avoid Eating in Your Room

Food can easily cause a mess in a room. No matter how careful you are, you will drop a few particles of food in your room if you eat in it. Therefore, the best solution for keeping your room clean is to avoid eating in it. You can eat meals and snacks in the common room. Similarly, do not allow friends and classmates to eat in your room.

Keep Your Shoes by the Door

In the modern world, people are used to roaming with their shoes in their rooms. This practice is so common people forget their shoes can sometimes be dirty. This dirt can quickly ruin your room. Therefore, you can maintain a clean room by keeping your shoes by the door once you enter your room.

Ventilate Your Room Periodically

Most people underestimate the importance of ventilating their room. This problem is prevalent in extremely cold locations. In such cases, you may have a ventilation system that works. Therefore, you do not have to do much. However, if your room does not have an inbuilt ventilation system, you will need to open your windows periodically. You can open it when the weather is less cold. In either case, having a ventilated room can help reduce the development of mold in your room.


Keeping your dorm room clean can sometimes be challenging. However, you can still get a clean room. You can do this by having a cleaning routine, avoiding piling clothes, having a study plan, avoiding eating in your room, keeping your shoes by the door, and ventilating your room periodically.

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