The Growing Field of Medical Billing and Coding
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The Growing Field of Medical Billing and Coding


The Growing Field of Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding jobs are among the fastest-growing careers in the U.S. today.

Positions in this field are expected to result in 129,000 new jobs by 2026. Billing and coding specialists are in strong demand for physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

Job Description

A medical billing and coding specialist helps to manage invoices, insurance claims, and customer payments.

Part of the daily activities include:

  • Preparation and sending of invoices
  • Preparing insurance claims for reimbursement, and proper coding of procedures, services, treatments, and diagnoses
  • Following up with payments, rejected claims, and outstanding bills

Billing specialists and coding positions are office jobs rather than clinical positions in the medical field. These workers spend a lot of time with computers, entering and reviewing data.

Medical Billing and Coding Specialists Salaries

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics cites the average salary for workers in the medical billing and coding industry as $44,010 per year. Salaries can vary from state to state.

Credentialed coders and billing agents can sometimes earn significantly more, particularly when they have multiple certifications.

For Instances

  • Holdenville Hospital in Holdenville, OK, has an available full-time position for a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist. The job pays $18 to $22 an hour, depending on experience.
  • MPOWERHealth often has medical billing and coding jobs available across the country. These team members manage billing, coding, payments, and more.
  • WYN Medical Management is an ambulatory pain management surgery center in Buffalo, NY. They are currently looking for a medical coding and billing applicant with at least two years of experience in the field.

Training and Requirements

Most employers for entry-level Medical Billing and Coding Specialist jobs prefer at least one certification in the field, though some healthcare providers will train on the job. However, the more certifications you have, the more opportunities you'll find in higher grade positions with corresponding higher pay.

Medical billing and coding courses generally cover basic medical terminology, an understanding of classification systems, and general knowledge of medical conditions and diseases.

Certification classes will also typically train students in medical insurance knowledge, including Medicare and insurance provider familiarity. As a medical coder and billing specialist, you'll also need to become familiar with the laws and ethics of HIPPA.

The Certified Coding Assistant, or CCA, is the most common certification. Once you've worked a few years on the job as a coding and billing specialist, you become eligible for certification as a Certified Coding Specialist or CCS. Certification for both is available through AHIMA.

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