I exist. That’s all I know. I am able to feel my hands, my legs, my face, but it is so dark, I can’t see them. I am sitting, but on what I’m not sure. I am alone and darkness is my current setting. Everything is black and shapeless. There are no walls, no figures, nothing. It’s not a room. It’s not anything. There aren’t any sounds. The silence is just as consuming as the space. I’m the only thing that exists here and even I am unable to make a sound. I’m scared. Where am I? Who am I? Why am I here?

Then it comes in an instant. A white light so bright it blinds. It consumes the darkness, until it is all that exists apart from me. However, even with a light as bright and as overwhelming as the one surrounding me, there is still nothing beyond that. I still can’t see where I am; I still can't make out any figures or walls. I still can't see my body. Everything is still a mystery to me. I'm frightened, but my eyes stay open, they don’t even squint. I am unable to shy away. I am petrified.

The light speaks in a voice neither male nor female. “Goodbye” it says to me. Instantly my body shakes and trembles uncontrollably. My eyes roll and I can’t breath. I am having a seizure. Pain and panic are all I understand in these few moments. Is this the end?

I wake up in my bedroom in a cold sweat. I sit up to catch my breath. I take in my surroundings. In the dark I can see my desk, my closet, my bookshelf. Faintly I hear my parents' snores and my sister’s heavy breathing in the other rooms. My family, they’re asleep. I’m home. My body doesn’t hurt; there aren't any joint pains. My breathing has regulated. Outside my window I hear the faint chirps of the morning birds. The sun should be rising soon. Home. Relief hits me. It was a dream…It was all just a dream.