The man was great, powerful, forceful, brilliant, dominant, ruthless and embodied strength. To earn a title with the name “Great” following their actual name, one must be an incredibly skilled conqueror who is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success. This is what makes one especially superior at what they do. Macedonian King Alexander the Great ruled lands spanning across countries and is regarded as one of history’s most powerful and talented rulers. Alexander the Great is not the only forceful power who used his implacable personality to get to the top. However, in comparison to Anna Wintour, he is the one who receives the widely spread, positive acknowledgement for his achievements even if that meant he gained them by conquering and killing people with vicious weapons and lack of empathy.

In contrast, Wintour’s road to success didn’t consist of physical violence or deaths. Wintour got to the top as result of her tongue that is as sharp as a knife, her sheer determination and a stern attitude along with her opinions that are never up for discussion or disagreement. While both Alexander the Great and Wintour are deemed successful in their respective fields and share common personality traits, Alexander gains the title of “Great” and Wintour gets stuck with the prefix “Nuclear” preceding her first name. In somewhat of a comparison, Wintour rules her fashion empire, Vogue, with an iron fist and stops at nothing to get what she wants. Why is it then, that the male figure gains the respect while the female figure is deemed as “nuclear,” chilly and a bitch? Perhaps fifty years from now Wintour too, will be regarded as a historically “Great” figure and not just a bitchy woman who never got a different haircut.

The line of work that Wintour has so proudly stamped her name on is very cutthroat and demanding and it is certain that there are not many individuals who could do it as well as she does. Her inborn sense of intellect and style, along with her chilly and precise personality are what make her so enigmatic. This enigma with large black sunglasses, a Louise Brooks haircut and a net worth of $35 million dollars, is not a force to be reckoned with. Forces like Wintour deserve to be remembered and celebrated. Her legacy will live on through her works in Vogue and the rest of the publication’s extensions.

For a woman who never even carries a handbag, she has left an enormous empire of success that she will carry for the rest of her life and beyond. Anna Wintour got to the top just like the rest of the “Greats” in history and she deserves to stay there. Hopefully in a few years, Alexander won’t be the only one with the title “Great” attached to his first name, and hopefully one of those Greats will be a woman, no less.