The Global Language and Education

The Global Language and Education

Education System

English is a global language, and it is important that anyone seeking education should make sure that their education is in the global knowledge so that they can survive once they step into the corporate world. The increased globalization and the establishment of MNCs have made it necessary that at least the person seeking employment has basic knowledge of English. There are many universities abroad that offer many programs in their local languages as well as in the English language. World over we can see many countries adopting the English language as the official language of their universities.


In Italy, there is a lot of importance placed on the education. It is compulsory for every child between the ages of six and sixteen. The private, as well as the public sector education system, are very well developed and comprise a perfectly designed syllabus that helps the students become competent enough to compete at all levels. The students are schooled on various subjects ranging from basic literature to science and various other languages as well. The religious studies are all dependent on the personal liberty of the parents. This is why the secular system helps in broadening the minds of the children into a more balanced and intelligent person. Though there is hardly any difference in the private and the public curriculum, the reason people prefer the private schools because English is taught in public schools as a secondary language and same is the case with the public universities. Therefore, to study in Italy in English you need to study in a private school or a university, and you can find one of the best business school, that has all education in English with ease.


The era of globalization has not only brought about the immense amalgamation of cultures and knowledge but also made English as an essential part of everyone's life. Some of the benefits are:

• The English language is an official language in around 53 countries. This means that the English language can help you survive in an unknown country.

• It is the language of business. The more early you realize the importance of communication is crucial for you to do business in the world. The industry knows no boundaries, and this is why English has evolved as the converging point for people from all over the world.

• Majority of the content on the internet is more than 50% English, and this is why there is a severe need for the English language when you want to communicate with a significant number of audience.


This is something that cannot be denied or argued upon. There are many countries like China and a few European countries that prefer their language but English has been ruling the education roost for quite some time, and this is the reason significant researchers and studies are published in English. Even if the research has been submitted in another language there are always translations following it. Today the language of business, education, and entertainment in English.

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