There's a girl sitting at home because finals did not plan out the way she wanted. There's a boy calling his parents to let them know he passed all his finals and is headed home for Christmas. There are parents everywhere concerned for their children because they know final grades will be posted soon. To the girl sitting at home wondering what happened, this one's for you.

Christmas break has started and she's already stressed about the next semester. Grades are in and she realizes that maybe her mom was right. Her mom knew she was not trying hard enough, and her dad knew she was partying too much; neither said anything to her because they know she's growing up and she has to learn on her own. Well she sure did learn because looking at her student banner she realizes there are no A's present. She realizes something has to change.

As long as she can remember she has been extraordinary in school. In elementary school she read above the level she was supposed to and was bored because she finished her work early. In middle school she never had homework because she finished her class work and homework all before she even left school. Once in high school she had to study a total of thirty minutes maybe for tests.

She graduated high school fourth in her class with a 4.17 GPA. She received an academic scholarship to a community college. Once in college she realized things need to change all because of a B made on a test. This girl has never made a B on in anything in her life let alone a test.

Studying habits changed the first semester in college she adjusted well. Studying was more of a focus, but she still was spoon fed what was going to be on the test. The teachers ad difficult tests but there were still enough daily grades and other homework that made it easy to retain an A. She finished her first two years of college with all A's again, graduated summa cum laude with a 4.0 GPA, and received an Associate's Degree.

So the thought runs through her head, that if she has maybe study a total of two hours for tests and quizzes the past two years in community college that that is all she'll have to do at a 4-year university. From the outside looking in people are looking at her like she's got this she's killing college. She even thought that.

Registered and ready to go at the new college, the 4-year university, she is excited. After the first round of tests in all her classes she realizes studying a max 2 hours was not enough. The tests scores are rough. She also realizes grades are spoon fed, or handed out. There aren't enough daily grades and other homework to retain an A anymore. The grades are based off some homework, but mostly tests.

Finals are around the corner and high gear has to be kicked in to try to make an A. Finals are now over, and she feels confident that her grades will be decent but not all A's as they have been in the past. Final grades are posted and here she sits contemplating everything she's ever worked for because she doesn't see a single A. Changes are coming for the girl who is now helpless and stressed out, and she realizes that she is going to change a lot next semester and reach her extraordinary potential again.

For the girl that is this girl it's going to be okay. You can fulfill your potential. This was a learning curve and learning was achieved. Lessons were taught and now the bar has been set and will be met once again. Remember you are extraordinary and you can reclaim your title as being that. Trust me you can because I am that girl and I will be doing it right beside you.