Friends are important. That much can be said. They build you up, provide you with outlets, and oftentimes have their interests rub off on you and vice versa. Sometimes, they morph into your family. Simply put, friends and the companionship are integral to life. And this is my letter to those friends in my life that have made such a difference.

First off, thank you. For literally everything. The experiences we had together. Whether it be football games, the days just playing games at my house, soccer, or even "extreme basketball," they have provided me with experiences and memories I will forever cherish. But friendship is more than just mutual experience. It's about support, as well as respect. And you all have provided more than ample support for me, and vice versa. Whether they be some of the worst personal tragedies any could experience, or just years and years of heartbreak, we leaned on one another. We had each other. And that was enough.

Second, I'm proud of you all. Though our fortunes may be mixed currently, we have managed to remain resilient and persevere through the hardships. We all still have goals and places we want to be. Maybe they aren't immediately in reach, but we will all get there in time. Whether we are teaching, in medicine, police officers, etcetera. All in time, we will attain the success we desire.

Third, never, ever, EVER, give up on life, your aspirations, or whatever it is you may be down about. I know we all have wanted to at different points. However, we shouldn't. Things might get difficult. Hell, things WILL get difficult. But we will all persevere and survive, just as we did before. Just as we will continue to.

Most of you guys serve as inspirations for me, whether it be for your perseverance or your courage. And it should always be known that, despite vast distances or decreasing communications, you all have a place in my heart. My brothers, my sisters. Part of my family. And we will meet again. Bet on it. Wherever we may be, and wherever we may end up.