The Freedom To Live

The Freedom To Live

Embrace the freedom to live instead of letting life control your situation

Life is full of complexities and confusing questions. The answers to those questions slowly start to consume us till they make us believe that we won't be fulfilled unless we can answer them without uncertainty.

Recently I was feeling stuck in life. I knew where I wanted to be but couldn't seem to get there. In my mind, I started to believe that life had already somehow determined my position in society.

Weeks after investing numerous hours in an application for a job I really wanted, I still had not heard anything. Doubts started to creep into my mind making me believe it was best and safer to return to my old job which I hated instead of taking a chance on something I thought I barely had a chance at. The hours spiffing up my resume finally turned into an interview, though, and the very next day I had the job.

That was the first time I had really fought for something that I wanted and beat the odds. It made me realize that life doesn't determine where we are going or who we will be. Each of us has the freedom to decide and to live.

Sometimes it feels like life is controlling us but the reality is that at any moment we can change our lives with a single, conscious decision to try. Trying means deciding to stop letting life happen and then transforming our life into whatever we want it to be.

We are not victims to our situations. We are their conquerors.

Also, don't let the details slow down the process of change. Ignore the stops on your itinerary and set your mind on the destination. You have the freedom to choose where you want to go and the freedom to pursue your goals. Stop settling for the scraps that life throws your way. Instead of settling, make life work for you.

As we enter the new year, we can either let the numerous unanswered questions intimidate us or we can take control of our own lives. There will always be excuses, doubts, and setbacks but life is about overcoming them.

It's is easy to sit here and tell you to do these things through a screen. I want to be that person who set their mind to something regardless of the odds, though. I encourage you to take control and do the same.

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