Ah, the first week of classes is upon us! I cannot wait to go back to the halls of Southern Miss and see my friends again. Although there is an added sense of apprehension heading into this year, I can't wait to see what it brings. I really hope that everyone enjoys this new post as I come from hiding.

Before you head up

1) Realizing you have waaaaay too much stuff to fit in your dorm/apartment.

2) Wondering how you could possibly spend OVER ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS to park.

3) Spending the most amount of time possible with your best friend from home...

4) And then having to say goodbye to said friend, with the promise of calling, texting, or FaceTiming

5) Not being able to sleep the night before move in because you know you're in for one amazing ride.

Moving in/Heading up

6) Driving and knowing that you are one mile closer to campus.

7) Getting settled in and being proud of your work

8) Helping freshmen or other people move in and reminiscing on your move in day or days.

9) Seeing the faces of defeated parents after dropping their kids off at college.

10) Walking to and mapping out your classes.

11) Eating your first meal back on campus.

12) Wishing you did not have to go to class simply just to hang around, play, and have fun

Everyone's favorite week of the year, SYLLABUS WEEK!

13) Texting your friend the night before the first day to see if you have any classes together. (Bonus points if they are in your major)

14) Seeing the new freshmen on campus and remembering that "like it was yesterday." (Praise the LORT that I never have to do that again.)

15) Doing your makeup to look fresh. As in, "beet from the ground" fresh.

16) Checking your professor's ratemyprofessor just to make sure you did not majorly screw up before heading into class.

17) Getting to one of your first classes and seeing one of your friends.

18) Or, getting to one of your classes and seeing no one you know.

19) When the dreaded "stand up and say something unique or interesting about yourself" comes into play

20) Trying to think of a fact to tell people, considering you are a generally boring person.

Rest of the week

21) Waiting in line at the bookstore and hoping you do not need the textbooks.

22) Realizing the amount of homework that is due in the next week.

23) Thinking about your future after college and contemplating life.

24) Hoping that an edition of "insert book here" is on SparkNotes and finding it

25) Meeting new people and not knowing what to talk about.

26) Becoming friends with said new people.

27) Actually being able to relax once the week is over

28) Calling your parents to tell them how the week went

29) Looking around...

30) And realizing this will be the best year yet