The First Days

When I moved to college I thought it was going to be terrifying. My first walk to class I shook a little before walking into the classroom. I thought where I sat mattered, but it didn't. I sat near the window so I could look outside if I got nervous. My professor walked in and started speaking in old english and I felt a bowling ball in my stomach because I though I was in the wrong class. Turns out I wasn't and my professor did that to us for a little scare. Once class started I felt calm. I looked around the room, which was freaking hot as all hell, and saw the different people in the room. What I was used to was people of around the same age in a class together. My first class had several people who were over 40, the age range in the class was 18-49. Some of it was a shock, some of it was expected. I knew not everyone would fall into the 18-22 age range.

That first day I had three classes in a row, my last class being the freshman class I took for fun. That class had the most high school feel to it, but ended up being my favorite class. I made friends there, friends I see all the time now. I am even living with one of them come fall. That class was a good transition into college. Our professor was an advisor in the College of Liberal Arts, and yeah a lot of us were part of that college. The mix of students in that class was so cool. There were engineering, business, liberal arts, science, public health. We all studied different things but were there together to examine the same idea.

College isn't scary, it's exciting. Living in the dorms has the downside of always getting sick or the constant noise. During my time in the dorms I have realized two big things: I hate dorm food, but I love dorm people. Going into a lounge and having people slowly join you because why hang out alone when you can just chill in a room with other people.

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