During the debate on Monday, the moderator, Lester Holt, wasted no time on introductions. In hindsight, I’m sure he knew that the debate would eventually stray from it’s purposeful line of questioning. In my opinion, this debate was necessary for the American people to understand the policies that the presidential candidates wish to implement for the public. Too often we have heard insults and derogatory remarks back and forth between the candidates, many of them coming from the orange cheeto from the supposed political right. This was his chance to right some wrongs and truly let us know what he plans to do if he becomes President. In my opinion, he failed miserably. Yet, I digress. Here are two ways that the candidates related early American migration stories to current national problems:

The biggest contrast that I could pull out from the debate is when they were posed the question regarding American jobs. How are the candidates going to keep money in the pockets of the American people? Studying early migration has shown me that many people came here from the 16th century on, from many different places, in order to create a better life for themselves. This was particularly important, especially with jobs, so they could work and keep their own money and invest it in the things they wished to invest in. They were able to afford rents and to feed their families. The issue we are facing now is that money is actually leaving the country just as quickly as it had been earned. Mr. Trump mentioned that whole companies are pushing their factories out of the United States and into countries like Mexico, where labor is cheaper and they can make a higher profit. I was extremely surprised that neither candidate spoke of the topic of remittances. I have seen first hand how much money leaves the country daily, and I only worked in one store.

I also noticed the stark contrast of our country regarding immigrants than it was when they first arrived in the early American years. Although the United States may not have always been entirely accepting of immigrants, especially those who weren’t white, they did allow people to come here because they needed workers. America still needs workers, especially for the jobs that involve manual labor. Some of these jobs, sadly, many Americans are not willing to do. Many people want to come here to provide for their families, earn better wages. I just wish they brought their whole families here, especially through the proper channels, so that the money could revitalize our economy instead of their home country.

It seems as though the Republican party is now the complete opposite. They want to keep everyone out. Donald Trump even stated that he was endorsed by ICE, which was a lie anyway. They argue that due to the influx of illegal immigration, American citizens haven’t been able to get jobs, and unemployment is higher than it should be. The truth is that most Americans aren’t willing to do these jobs, and it’s sad.

I wasn’t really able to get much else out of the debate. There was too much incoherent, sputtering garbage coming from the Republican candidate. I thought Mrs. Clinton was very poised and her answers were very well thought out. Well, I guess you know which way I lean and who I’m rooting for in November.