The Evil That Wicca Is Not

Religion is equal parts beautiful and intimidating. Google defines religion as "the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods." This belief system is designed to bring hope into society. It's a light in the darkness that gives us something to hold onto. However, what a lot of people forget to remember is that their religion isn't the only religion. Their version of God isn't the only version of God out there.

Wicca is one of those religions that gets a bad rap. I mean, looking back in history if somebody even speculated another person was a witch they were burned at the stake. Society has its set of normalized religions, and nine times out of ten Wicca wouldn't make the cut. However, over the years I've met a couple wonderful people that practice Wicca and let me tell you it is one of the most peaceful religions I've come to learn. One of their biggest moral statements shows that:

"'An' it harm none, do what ye will."

First, let's erase the stigma. Witches don't do the devil's work. They don't call upon demons and use dark magic to do their bidding. They aren't this group of people that have green skin, warts on their nose, and cackle on broomsticks when the moon is high in the sky.

They do, however, utilize the earth and care for it incredibly deep. The Wiccans that I have known have a green thumb like no other and know much more about gardening than most people. They feel a bond with nature, the elements, and the universe that is so pure and good. Wiccans know how to use herbs and spices to cleanse a home or to make amazing tea.

Their connection to the universe is magical. Wiccan strongly believe in signs from the universe whether it comes in the form of feathers in your path or a spirit animal. If you ask the universe a question, with enough time and a keen eye you will receive an answer. If you believe in this even just a little bit, it's pretty interesting what you can pick up on.

Their rituals are so peaceful. They, at least in my understanding and experience, tend to involve crystals, salt, sigils (symbols that hold power), candles, and plenty other things. Sprinkling salt near a doorway after deep cleaning your home is a good way to get rid of negative energy, and painting a protection sigil on your door with lemon juice is a good way to keep the negative energy out. Do you like wearing certain crystals? If you charge them by the light of a full moon, it'll do wonders.

The people that practice it are like anybody else. You could be walking among somebody that's Wicca every single day and you'd never know it. They're like any other caring human being with a kind heart. They want nothing but good for other people and the world around them.

In short, I think it's important to remember that plenty of religions –– not just Wicca –– might not necessarily be what everyone perceives as normal, but that doesn't mean its evil. It just means it's different, and different is beautiful.

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