My all-time favorite band, Fleetwood Mac's career has spawned over 40 years, consisting of many acclaimed albums and countless hit songs. Founded in 1967 by Mick Fleetwood, the group underwent many departures and additions before Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined with Mick Fleetwood, Christine McVie and John McVie to form their famed lineup in the early 70s. Fleetwood Mac is probably best remembered for their ever-evolving sound as well as the tumultuous personal relationships that were going on behind the music. Fleetwood Mac is not only my favorite band but is also one of the most iconic groups of the 70's. Much of their music wasn't about a broken heart or scorned lover but about simpler concepts, growing older, and learning life's lessons. To celebrate their lengthy and decorated career, I've picked five of my favorite songs.

1. Landslide - 1975

Landslide is one of Fleetwood Mac's biggest hits. This song was featured on The White Album, their very first collaboration with Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks after the duo joined with them. Landslide was orginally a Buckingham Nicks song, and is featured on Stevie and Lindsey's solo album Buckingham Nicks (1973). Landslide, is about time, and how fast it slips away. While Fleetwood Mac made this one of their first hits, Landslide will always be Stevie and Lindsey's. Every night on tour, it is Stevie and Lindsey that preform this song, just as simply and stripped down as it is on their first album together. It's an amazing thing to see live.

2. Dreams - 1977

Found on their second and probably most famous album, Rumours, this song was written at a time when each of the member's personal lives were falling apart, Mick Fleetwood and his wife were going through a divorce, as were Christine and John McVie. Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham were also in the middle of a breakup. This song is famous not only for being a smash hit, but for the message behind it. Written and lead by Nicks, Dreams was directed at Lindsey. It was a soulful and rhythmic answer to Buckingham's more aggressive creation You Can Go Your Own Way.

3. Storms - 1979

This is one of Fleetwood Mac's lesser known tracks. Written by Stevie Nicks for Fleetwood Mac's third studio album Tusk, Storms is rumoured to be about an affair she'd had, one that ended quite painfully. Storms is beautifully tragic, and is rarely done live or on tour. Storms is a bit of an undiscovered gem hidden among all the songs on this double album. It's also my favorite Fleetwood Mac song. It's simplistic yet timeless beauty never gets old

4. Gypsy - 1982

Gypsy is another one of Stevie's greatest creations. This song can be found on the band's fourth studio album Mirage. This album was a new sound for Fleetwood Mac, featuring a much more 80's pop vibe, a stark contrast to their more folksy 70's sound. Gypsy reflects on Stevie's youth, formed from the memories Stevie had from growing up and wandering around in LA. It's arguably the most notable piece from the album and is one the band's biggest hits

5. Seven Wonders -1987

The final track, Seven Wonders is from Fleetwood Mac's fifth studio album Tango In The Night. It would be guitarist, Lindsey Buckingham's last album with the band before returning 10 years later for The Dance (1997). Seven Wonders is a special piece because it really incorporates and showcases each members contribution the group. Something that after years of fighting and heart break they came to value and cherish. Today, Fleetwood Mac is still playing together, writing music, touring (an amazing experience by the way), and amazingly, finally, getting along.