The Entire Process Of Seeing A One Direction Concert
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The Entire Process Of Seeing A One Direction Concert

'Cause words ain't good enough.

The Entire Process Of Seeing A One Direction Concert

I am not religious, or even really spiritual, but I am a devout follower of One Direction. I genuinely love their music, they’re incredibly fun to see live, and also, Harry Styles. In an attempt to relive the glory that was the One Direction concert at MetLife Stadium last week, I will now document the process of seeing the boys of One Direction live. Grabbing my tissues now because I won’t make it through this piece with dry eyes.

1. Be prepared. One Direction fans are DIE HARD. You need to know what you’re getting into, and that is a stadium full of young girls (and whoever they have dragged along) who all genuinely believe that they are destined to be Mrs. Harry Styles. Young girls who shriek when Niall’s face flashes for two seconds on the jumbo screens. Young girls who shout songs at the top of their lungs as soon as Liam opens his mouth (no one screams for Louis because he honestly brings them down. Okay, people scream for him but I’m not one of them). You need to know that this is not a concert, it is a life-changing event.

2. Learn all of their songs. ALL OF THEM. I put some listening time into any artist I’m about to see, because I think it’s a great way to get excited about the show. You also don’t want to be that person standing there silently while everyone around you is jamming out or crying (possibly at the same time) because you don’t know the song. Midnight Memories is my favorite album (I actually love every song on it. I’m going to play it right now), but just go through them all. I promise you will fall in love.

3. Find a good concert buddy. This is so key, because it totally affects your One Direction experience. I would advise finding one of 2 people: someone who is equally die hard and will also scream when the jumbo screen shows which boots Harry is wearing, or someone who is easy going and knows enough songs to bop around but not get in the way of the emotional roller coaster you are riding. My mom asked to come with, but I had to tell her that she just wasn’t ready yet. That, and I’m not sure I wanted her to see me crying with all of the 12-year-olds.

4. Get to the concert in style. If you’re prepared for the hassle of parking and later getting out, I’d suggest driving so you can play every song on your way to the show. And if you’re worried, you will be 100 percent sober the entire time because you need to be present and focused for every second of this concert, so that’s not a problem. I was forced to take a bus from NYC Port Authority, and it was interesting; very efficient and cheap, plus I basically got a free concert out of it thanks to my energetic co-passengers. I’m so glad I was not a dad going to this thing.

5. The concert starts. No one cares about the opener, so I obviously skipped that ish. When One Direction finally graced the stage, I think my heart stopped. This was not my first 1D concert, but I was still dying. Scratch that. I thought I was dying until I saw Harry’s flowing tresses and then I really died.

6. A few thoughts will run through your mind at this point. How can someone be so attractive and funny and happy and flawless as Harry Styles? There is sheer joy on his face as he runs (no like he is running everywhere, I bet by the end of the tour he will be able to run a marathon) around the stage. Then he gets completely into the music, and you feel it in your soul because Harry is actually a very good singer with the voice of a sweet angel cherub from heaven. Then he does his pull back fist pump things and your stomach is butterflies again. Then he smiles after a song and talks about how everyone should love each other and be happy and dance and your heart hurts because the world is so wonderful right now. All of these ups and downs are actually exhausting, how is he doing this to me?

7. OK LIAM I SEE YOU. I’ve decided that Liam is supremely underrated and deserves more credit and attention. Like Harry is clearly number one forever and ever, but Liam in person… I can dig. He definitely leads the show and I’m totally okay with it. He also has the voice of a sweet angel cherub from heaven, and it’s super sweet when he talks about how much he loves performing or certain songs. And his dancing is bomb. Add in his little mic flips, there’s just a lot of YAAAASSSS going on here.

8. Niall is so precious; he’s just a nugget Irishman with rosy cheeks trying to have a good time. And while I used to think that Niall hid behind his guitar, he has completely come into his own since Zayn’s departure. He sang a lot more and had bigger solos, so YGG. He talks a lot about how grateful he is for all of the fans, but really I’m just grateful for him.

9. I know there are people out there who love Louis, but I just can’t get onboard with that one. There are 2 or 3 songs he’s necessary for, but other than that he kind of wanders the stage and says a funny thing or two. Meh.

10. LIAM, WOW.

11. Harry will probably go through 27 water bottles. I’m pretty sure he opens one, takes 3 sips, and then sprays the rest on fans that are thrilled to suddenly be soaked. It’s super entertaining and great how much he loves to interact with the fans. Bless.

12. 2 hours later… I have to give the boys credit for their performance. They sang for about 2 hours and did 25 songs (old and new! "Drag Me Down" was phenom), but the energy never dropped. There was probably only one song I wish they had done that they didn’t, and by the end of the show I definitely felt that I had gotten my fill. For now. I take it back, that’s such a lie, no concert will ever be long enough.

13. Post concert depression sets in. This is such a thing, and it is rough. Last time I saw One Direction in concert, I couldn’t listen to them for about three months because it didn’t compare to seeing them live. You will feel empty, sad that it is over, sad that Harry, Liam, Niall, and fine, Louis, are not your best friends, and so, so sad that this sublime experience is over. I could barely move the next day.

14. Oh Zayn, right. I have to admit that he’s pretty hard to replace vocally. Boy can hit those high notes. But the remaining members, especially Harry and surprisingly Niall, completely stepped in to cover his parts. I really didn’t mind Harry singing practically all of "Little Things." I missed his stunning eyelashes and brooding stares, but he was never one of the engaging, fun ones.

    So this is all pretty embarrassing to be sharing online, but at the same time everyone needs to know and appreciate how incredible One Direction is, especially in concert. Seriously, it will be the best song ever, the best concert ever, the best band ever. Alright, I’m done now.

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