Recap Of The Original Vampire Diaries Cast

Recap Of The Original Vampire Diaries Cast

A recap of those who have been there from the beginning as the show comes to an end.

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The Vampire Diaries has been one of the most well-known shows on TV since late 2009. In this show, we've gotten to see the main characters grow up and evolve into these adults that are faced with so much adversity. Yes, some of the adversity is because of vampires and witches, but they definitely learn how to deal with everything that is thrown at them.

In the very beginning, Damon and Stefan Salvatore made everyone feel uneasy and now here they are as two of the favorite characters on the show. Damon has not always been well liked. I know for me, I have always had a love-hate relationship with Damon. In the very beginning I did not like him at all but now he is one of my favorites. He may have done a lot to make people hate him but I have seen him put in an effort to change who he is and what he does. Stefan is one of the most well-liked people on the show. Stefan has done a lot of wrong but no one can really hate Stefan even when he does the unthinkable. After he does everything, he realizes what he has done and lives with the guilt, and that is why people can never really hate Stefan.

Caroline, Bonnie, and Elena have been best friends since day one of the show. These three are inseparable. No matter what happens between them, they always come together and support each other. Right now, Elena is currently not a part of this trio because she was put into a deep slumber by an evil witch and she will not wake up until Bonnie dies, at least as far as I am aware. However Caroline and Bonnie have been friends through all of this and they have to always remind Damon of what Elena would think of what he is doing.

Matt Donovan is currently the odd man out. He is Elena's ex-boyfriend and now he is the Sheriff of the town Mystic Falls. Matt has grown up a lot since season one. In the beginning, he was the standard jock on the football team that did not care about anyone else but himself. Now he is one of the most caring people unless you are a supernatural creature or his father. Most of his friends are vampires or some supernatural creature, so even though he does not like the supernatural he still works with his friends with a little bit of hostility towards them.

There are more characters that have made appearances in the show, but all six of these characters have been involved since the beginning. Viewers have seen each character grown into an adult facing adversity. Not to mention viewers have gotten to see the evolution of modern day style evolve as well. The show comes to an end this Friday, March 10. While the end of an era comes, The Vampire Diaries spinoff show will continue for at least a little bit.

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