Kesha: At The End Of The Rainbow

Kesha: At The End Of The Rainbow

With praying, spitting, and a little boogie-ing, Kesha’s last stop on her U.S. leg of the Rainbow tour was nothing short of a pot of gold.

If you say you don’t listen to Kesha then there’s probably a good chance you’re a liar or an elitist. Catch me and the rest of the world, without shame, screaming the lyrics to middle school smashes like “Tik Tok” and “Take it Off”. The rest of the world may be an exaggeration, but there’s a good lot of people that know those songs whether they want to or not, and there’s something to say about Kesha’s relevance in that sense. HOWEVER, I am digressing..I am here to talk about her FINAL U.S. stop for her Rainbow tour that I attended..and what a time it was.

On November 1st, a Wednesday (HUMP DAY), Kesha closed out her Rainbow tour in the U.S. at the Hollywood Palladium. This is a historic and iconic venue in Hollywood that regularly hosts concerts and events with intermediate to pretty well-known acts. I saw Troye Sivan there just last year around the same time.

It can hold around 4,000 people and it was pretty packed that night...lots of heads blocking my view of KE$HA (does anyone remember?)

So it started off with an opener..and they were not too impressive. I never caught their name and could not find it online, so apologies for that. Either way, the music was more so in the alternative realm and wasn’t bad, the issue was the interaction with the crowd. Had they been more engaged with the crowd then I think the concert would’ve had a better tone set for the rest of the night but I’s Kesha...we all knew why we were there.

SHE ARRIVED on stage and obviously the whole crowd went wild, and from then on the concert was a night to remember. Equipped with a glittered face and my good buddy Sloan (FELLOW ODYSSEY CREATOR), the show was great. She did hits from her earlier years like the aforementioned “Tik Tok” and “Take It Off” as well as others like “Your Love Is My Drug” “We R Who We R” and more. Songs from her latest album, Rainbow included “Praying”, “Godzilla” (a personal fav), and “Woman”.

She delivered high energy and a pretty rockin’ delivery with her vocals. It was made clear at the beginning of her set that she wanted the “rock n roll” spirit she adored to be alive in her shows. So naturally, by the end of the show, she had found her child...

OKAY, no I did not just reveal Kesha has had a secret child this whole time..she instead found the nest to her egg...the beak to her worm...the baby to her bird. What that means is that Kesha spit alcohol into a VERIFIED 21+ year old’s mouth and thus added to her family of regurgitation. Some may quiver and/or shiver at this thought, but I thought that was pretty wild and I’m all about the unexpected. Whoever she did it too was into it, they why not?

Kesha also told us about the fake ending a lot of artists do so that we would know that we get another song...but then she played us and did another song after the one she said would be the “real” ending after exposing her “fake” ending confused yet? Either way, she liked to play with our minds.

Lastly, I think the types of people that show up to a show for an artist say A LOT about the artist themselves. At this show, there were many people in glitter (as I mentioned I was), fun clothing, dyed hair, and just generally eccentric people. This brought a very accepting vibe with it and made the night feel free from judgment or expectation.

So, basically Kesha is still killing it, and it’s amazing that she is. After all of the troubles she has had to endure with Dr. Luke and the legal battle there, it is amazing to see her doing what she loves without regard to those who have tried to bring her down..emulating the message that the biggest “F U” you can EVER send to people who hurt you, is that you’re doing better without them. Now go stunt on someone who did you wrong, it’ll feel good. BYE!

Cover Image Credit: Billboard

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