When Kim Kardashian posted videos of Taylor Swift supporting Kanye West's use of her name in a verse in his song Famous, the internet had a field day. This is only the latest installment in the years long feud between West and Swift which began in 2009 when West interrupted Swift's Grammy acceptance speech to let the crowd and world know that "Beyonce had the best music video of all time." Since then the two artists have apparently mended things, with West sending Swift a large bouquet of flowers in 2015 and the two taking pictures together at the Grammys that same year. However, they were back on hot coals earlier this year when Swift made an acceptance speech at the 2016 Grammys that clearly showed offense to West's use of her name on his newly released album The Life of Pablo. Things really got interesting however, when Kim Kardashian released a GQ interview claiming that Swift had known about and supported the lyrics all along. What was once a very interesting claim has now been supported by footage of West and Swift's phone call, and the Swift that we thought we knew is starting to look a little bit different. Long seen as America's sweetheart, Swift seems less innocent now. However, being the savvy business women that she is (and her agents are), it is difficult to believe that Swift let this situation spiral so far out of control. From her reps strongly denying that Taylor had ever heard the lyrics to her rather weak response on Twitter, it seems as though Swift never saw this coming. However, her flawless career, which included a transition from backwoods country girl to international pop sensation would lead us to believe otherwise. What we could be witnessing is the dawn of a new Swift era. Just as she outgrew her country croons, she is shedding her title as America's good girl. She is going for a look that is edgier and more mysterious. More polarizing? Yes. More mature and interesting? Definitely. The drama with the Kardashian-West family coupled with her highly discussed relationship with Tom Hiddleston are both out of character for the typically controlled Swift. So before we laud Kim Kardashian for pulling the rug out fro under Swift (arguably one of the most articulate and beautiful uses of internet shade) we should see what Swift has next, because this could be a part of a totally new and just as marketable look.