The Dreamy Adventures of Slowdive's 'Souvlaki'

The Dreamy Adventures of Slowdive's 'Souvlaki'

The acclaimed shoegaze band represents dreams with their 1993 classic.

Dreams are truly a fascinating part of life. They are essentially movies that occur in our brains as we sleep, and they can be a perplexing and unique feature in the world. Dreams can be philosophical excursions that can encourage us to change our lives in a significant manner, or they can be collections of abstract nonsense. Whatever a person encounters in their dreams, they are likely to be changed by it significantly. A person can go "What was that?" when they wake up in the morning, wondering what just happened in their head while they were resting. Dreams can be bizarre occurrences, and one album that has a dreamlike state is Slowdive's 1993 album 'Souvlaki'.

Slowdive brought the mystifying qualities of dreams to life on that album. Much of the album is played in a sleepy, relaxed state that encourages the listener to fall off into the vast stratospheres that 'Souvlaki' creates. More often than not, Slowdive makes their music sound like a delicious tub of ice cream, as so much of 'Souvlaki' is lush and immensely pleasing. The album envelops you with a warm, oddly distant atmosphere that becomes comforting, and it forces you to consider what images went through your head as you were sleeping. 'Souvlaki' truly shows how music can inspire dreamy elements, and it makes you think about what a sound can do.

'Souvlaki' also presents an extremely interesting version of the guitar. Slowdive announce themselves to be masters of atmosphere, as they turn traditional instruments into textural forces that are full of wonder. The guitars transform into these gorgeous, heavenly messes of effects and reverb, and they feel like gorgeous dreams that are played in front of you. "Alison" and "Souvlaki Space Station" are notable examples of this, as guitars are turned into spectacular elements that induce fantastic illusions into their audience. 'Souvlaki' extracts as much grace as it can from the guitar, and its spellbinding usage of distortion lends a glamorous air that coats the music.

Listening to 'Souvlaki' is a great way to escape the world itself. Whether it is the trembling waters that are found on the meditative "Here She Comes Now" or the enchanting mysteries of "Sing", Slowdive injects exceptional amounts of life into their music. The bright, breezy nature of 'Souvlaki' leads to an experience that is serene and gentle, as the waves of the music wash over you. 'Souvlaki' has a knack for bringing wonderful hues into life, and its absorbing sound brings a haunting quality that isn't too far removed from dreams, as well. 'Souvlaki' becomes a transcendent listen in and of itself, and its soothing qualities bring about an ornate personality that can only be found in dreams.

'Souvlaki' is truly a jewel to devour. It brings dreamy qualities into the world by having a windy aura to it that sounds dense and succulent. Slowdive takes a unique approach to the guitar by filling it up with incredibly imagery, as well as wrenching out beautiful sounds to consume. 'Souvlaki' can brighten up your life, and hearing it is bound to make you feel like you're in a dream. 'Souvlaki' is an excellent effort, and its otherworldly aura is always worth hearing.

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10 Places From Movies And TV You Can Visit In Real Life

It's like stepping into Hollywood!


I am constantly so enamored by the world of Hollywood and by going to visit places I have seen on screen. It's always such an unreal feeling to see where my favorite pieces of entertainment were shot. Here are 10 places from some of our favorite movies to see and visit in the real world!

The High School from "10 Things I Hate About You"

If you have ever wanted to dance on the same stairs as Heath Ledger or just stand in the same courtyard as Julia Stiles then you're in luck! Along the water in Tacoma, Washington, Stadium High School is located which was used both inside and out as the high school from one of the greatest teen movies of all time. This school is massive and so beautiful it's almost Hogwarts level stunning.

Pacific Coast Academy from  "Zoey 101"

Growing up I always dreamed about going to Pacific Coast Academy and being best friends with Jamie Lynn Spears and one of those things can (kinda) become a reality! Located in Malibu is a beautiful campus called Pepperdine University and it is the school they used to shoot scenes of Zoey and the gang at PCA. It is a christian based college and is prestigious in it's own right so if unlike me you are smart enough you can live out my dreams.

Central City Police Department from "The Flash"

Have you ever wanted to show up to Detective Joe West's place of work? Well head to the Vancouver City Hall in Vancouver, Canada and you will recognize your surroundings as the Central City Police Department! If you are lucky enough to show up on a filming day, you might even seen the man himself — Barry Allen.

Forks High School from The Twilight Saga

Personally, I am more invested in Bella and Jacob but for all my Team Edward ladies (and gentleman) you can visit the real-life school where Bella and Edward first met and their love blossomed into whatever obsessive weird thing it was. They also used the parking lot at this school to film the infamous scene where Edward saves Bella from getting crushed by a car. The school is called Kalama High School and is located in Kalama, Washington

Max And Dani's House from "Hocus Pocus"

Anyone with taste loves the movie Hocus Pocus — that's just facts! And I have some good news for fans of the can visit the infamous Denison house! Located in none other than Salem, Massachusetts you will find this beautiful home where my favorite siblings once lived.

Silent Hill from "Silent Hill"

I will say before talking about this place that visiting it is EXTREMELY dangerous as just like in the movie the town as been burning from below for years and years. This small town is called Centralia and is located Pennsylvania and has a roaring population of about four people.

Hobbiton from "Lord Of The Rings"

I am personally not a fan of Lord of the Rings but I know a lot of people are so I wanted to include this super cool place on the list. If you ever find yourself in New Zealand you can visit Hobbinton from the movies and spend a day living like your favorite characters.

Platform 9 3/4 from the Harry Potter Series

Now this place will unfortunately be packed with muggles of course but you can find it at King's Cross Station in London! If you are anything like me and are obsessed with these magical movies this is a dream destination just don't run too hard at the wall if you're a muggle it will probably end in a concussion.

East High from the High School Musical Saga

Located in Salt Lake City Utah is the real life East High that was used in the filming of all three High School Musical movies. It is my absolute dream to attend this high school and walk the halls of the greatest high school of all time. They used both the outside and inside and the school so every inch of the school will remind you of these great teen movies.

Gus and Hazel's Bench from "The Fault in Our Stars" 

If you ever wanted to visit the site of this kiss between star crossed lovers you're in luck! Located along a canal in Amsterdam is a bench that is clearly marked by all the fault in our stars graffiti. Recreate this cute picture with your significant other and use a quote from the movie — then you'll just win in life.

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