Valentine's Day is just around the corner which means shopping for the perfect present for family, friends and significant others. For some couples, this is their first V Day together, making the pressure of the perfect gift extra high.

But even if this isn't your first together, you still want to make sure you are getting your loved one the best gift you can. So for all you men out there wondering what to get your girlfriend for this Valentine's Day, here is a helpful do's and don't's list I've come up with!

Do: Personalized gift

This is always a good idea! This can go from something as fancy as engraved jewelry or something truly personalized for her. For example, you could get some of her old high school t-shirts or something important to her and turn it into a quilt! It doesn't have to be anything huge, but something personally made for her will really stick out.

Don't: Clothes

This one is really hard because you may find something that you think your girlfriend would like or something she pointed out before. However, if you're going to get her clothes you have to make sure you're being very careful with this. Just because something looks good on the mannequin doesn't mean it'll look great on your girlfriend. It can make her feel insecure and especially if you get a size too small or too big it can offend her.

So if you plan on getting her clothes, get her something you are positive she would like and make sure you know the right size for that specific brand. Ask her mom, grandma, best friend, dog, literally everyone to make sure you're getting the right one.

Do: Shoes

You would think that the same rule for clothes would apply for shoes...well yes and no. No, because typically as long as you know her shoe size, it's most likely going to be that same size for all shoes. However, for some people, this isn't true, so you just need to see how it is for your girlfriend.

But also the same rule for clothes applies here because again, you don't want to get her shoes you think she would like but she actually doesn't. So just make sure its the right size and style and you'll be good to go!

Don't: Fancy electronics

If you want to get her a nice electronic, get her a Fitbit, tablet, camera, things that are nice but not incredibly expensive. If you're getting her things like a brand new flat screen tv or a laptop, it may be too much.

If you've been dating for a while it might be OK, but if she didn't spend as much money on you, it'll just make both of you feel bad. So maybe try to set a budget so you both can avoid this problem!

Do: Jewelry

What girl wouldn't want nice jewelry? Feel free to get her anything, it doesn't have to come from an incredibly expensive brand. However, don't buy her something really cheap or something that looks cheap. It just makes you look bad.

Don't: Lotion

Maybe your girlfriend will like this, but lotion probably isn't something she's really hoping for this Valentine's Day. Lotion is one of those gifts that she'll probably get anyway from samples or buy herself when she's shopping at CVS for lipstick. It's just such a common and simple gift.

Do: Perfume

Now this differs from lotion because this is probably something she's wanting. Especially if she likes nicer brands of perfume, she probably doesn't get it often so if you get it for her she would really like it.

Don't: Body cleaning supplies

Again, this is just a common and simple gift that she probably doesn't want for Valentine's Day. It also might give her the wrong message if you get her something like this because she will wonder why you gave her body cleaning supplies as if she really needed it.

Do: Purse

Again, another gift that most girls will love. You can't go wrong with getting her a purse.

Don't: Candles

Candles can be nicer than lotion or body cleaning supplies, but again it's just one of those gifts she probably isn't wanting you to get her.

Do: Things that relate to your relationship

This is the area where some of these don't's can turn into do's. If you always go to a certain restaurant get her something that makes her think of it or if you both have an inside joke about something, get her a gift that makes her think of that.

Whether the gift is actually nice or just something to laugh at, she will appreciate how much you think about your relationship and all of its memories thus far.

Don't: Gym membership

I don't care if she says she wants one, you of all people should not get her a gym membership. It sends her a really bad message if you're the one who does that.

Do: Tickets/trips

Your girlfriend will love you even more if you get her tickets to her favorite band or tickets for a trip somewhere. On top of that, if the event isn't for a month or longer, it just shows how committed you are by saying you think you two will still be dating for that long in order to go to said event.

Don't: Gift cards

They may seem nice, but this just gives the impression that you don't really know your girlfriend if all you could think about getting her was a gift card.

Do: Food

What girl doesn't love food? Even better if you make it yourself.

Don't: Money

This relates to the gift cards idea. Just don't do it.

Do: Makeup

This could give off a bad message, but if you're getting her some quality makeup that she always uses or has always wanted such as Sephora or Naked, this isn't such a bad idea.

Don't: Stuff you clearly bought at CVS or Walmart the day before/of

Guys, we know. Don't try to trick us.

Do: Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret has some great sales. 50% off bralettes, 7 for $25 panties, discounted sweatshirts, everything! Your girlfriend will love the things you get for her, but don't be creepy with it. Which leads to my next don't.

Don't: Anything secretly for you

No matter what you get her, don't get it just because you like it. If you know she's never had something or used something before, it's probably because she doesn't like it. Don't use this opportunity to be greedy. Get her something she'd really enjoy.

Do: Flowers

You can never go wrong with flowers. Stop by your nearest florists and see what kind of Valentine's Day bouquets they have on sale because some of them are just beautiful and will be different than just any ordinary flowers.

Don't: Promise Ring

Everyone has different opinions on promise rings and I respect that. I personally believe that if you're going to get your girlfriend a promise ring, you might as well get her an engagement ring because it's practically the same thing.

Also, two bad things can happen in this situation. 1. Your girlfriend will freak out because she wasn't ready for that type of commitment and it feels too early for her. 2. Your girlfriend is just waiting for you to propose, so when she sees the ring-shaped box she will get so excited but then immediately distraught when she realizes it's just a promise ring. I would just play it safe and avoid the promise ring. Any other kind of ring will do.

Do: Couple gifts

As long as they're not too cheesy, your girlfriend will love any type of couple gift you give her. Or hey, maybe she does like cheesy.

Don't: Stuffed animals

This is a good and bad idea. Some girls see stuffed animals as something childish as others like them. I would play it safe by saying if you're going to give her a stuffed animal, make it one with meaning or give her one of those giant ones. She'll love any stuffed animal as long as it doesn't make her feel like a child.

Do: A pet

Again, another one that's a good or bad idea. Good because it's a live thing that could be both of yours to take care of. Bad because she may not like that breed and it could cause problems trying to care for it. If you want to give her a pet, I would start out small by getting her a fish. Then you can work up to getting her something bigger like a dog or a cat.

Don't: Prepackaged gifts

This is one of those gifts that may seem nice to you, but it will make your girlfriend feel like you didn't want to put in much effort into coming up with your own gift.

Do: Photo frame of you two

Especially if you tell her that this is your favorite photo of you two, it will make her feel all warm inside.

Don't: Nothing

Even if she tells you she doesn't want anything, she secretly does. Don't do this. Worst mistake you could do is to just not get her anything.

Must do: love!

With anything you get her, do it with love and make sure she knows how much you love her.

As said in my last do, no matter what you get her, as long as she knows how much you love her, she will love whatever you get her. In the end, it's not all about the presents, but about the love and time spent together. But I know we all want to get that special someone the perfect gift so if you're wondering what would and what would not be good, I hope this guide can help!