This weekend I stepped out of my usual concert scene of hip hop & rap and went to see The Dip. The Dip is currently a 7 man R&B/Soul group based in Seattle. I just recently got into them when someone I knew recommended I listen to them.

They make some very timeless songs that warm your heart and touch your soul. I was invited to this concert and of course, couldn't say no to going to the concert. I'm so used to going to hip hop, rap, or alternative concerts so this show was an entirely new experience for me.

I knew I had to dress differently for this concert than I would for the type of concerts. I decided to wear shorts with a cute blue and red striped crop top. We got to the concert around 6:30 at this beautiful outdoor bar venue.

There were games everywhere, a gorgeous outdoor stage, a grass lawn, and some covered seating as well. I was already having a good time before the band even came out. 2 of my friends were given a free meet and greet passes as well which was super cool.

The Dip came out around 7:30 and I was super excited. I was so eager to know if they were as good live as they were on their recordings. To my delight, they were INCREDIBLE live. They sounded almost exactly the same live, which I thought was super impressive.

I've been to several concerts where the performers aren't the greatest live, but The Dip blew me away. I was jamming out and dancing away. The show itself was very down to earth and fun. You could tell all the performers were having a great time.

There was also a saxophone section who absolutely ROCKED. Everyone on stage was so talented and had great energy. The show itself just had wonderful vibes.

I'm very pleased with the show. I had such a good time. If you're into R&B or Soul, I definitely recommend checking them out and going to see them in concert. It's such a blast and The Dip does not disappoint live.