Let me just tell you.


I don't know about you, but my household is nuts when it's time to go anywhere. We are all panicking to get things done and make sure everything is good. Most of all, we don't want to forget anything (especially if it is a longer trip).

Planes now have crazy regulations where you can't bring this and can have only so many of this, and if you bring that, you are not taking it.

No one wants the extra fees either, so there is also that concern of over packing.

When you are in vacation mode, stress becomes extra stressful because you just want the hectic part to be over with so badly that it just becomes a problem.

The thing that keeps me sane, are LISTS and more LISTS.

Part of me being an over thinker, means that it helps me prepare for every what-if situation I can possibly think of before anything actually happens. Below you can find some common examples of such thoughts:

What if:

1. It gets colder than usual (pack for a random winter)

2. I bring this but it gets taken, pack another one here

3. My luggage end up somewhere ( I bring backup)

4. I spill something on my clothes (backup)

5.I get bored (3 books that I would never read in that time and word searches etc)


Be that "What if" person and you'll be set for everything that may come your way. Being prepared is better than not at all.

Keep those lists you make when you leave, because you will need those to come right back so that you do not go as crazy as when you come back from your trip. Checking everything off is like having the cherry on top of your dessert.