The Definitive Checklist to Buy CBD oil online in 2019

The Definitive Checklist to Buy CBD oil online in 2019

Buying the best CBD oil was not an easy task for me. I could not pick up this incredible natural remedy just like that, and that too online.


Buying the best CBD oil was not an easy task for me. I could not pick up this incredible natural remedy just like that, and that too online. Though the internet was flooded with all kind of information regarding CBD, where to place my trust and which steps to follow was indeed a tough decision.

You don't have to go dig deep to understand and come up with a long list of to-dos, for the buying process. To make things easier, with my extensive research and experience in buying and using CBD oil, I lay down a definitive checklist to consider before buying CBD oil online in 2019.

I give you 10 easy steps, that must be considered.

1. Get to know CBD oil from its root - CBD Basics & Benefits

There is no substitute for awareness and education, in protecting you from going astray in the CBD oil buying process. And especially when it's CBD, people often misunderstand and confuse it as a drug that makes you go high.

This misconception is due to the fact that they have not yet completely understood how exactly CBD oil is derived. It is extracted from marijuana or hemp plants. CBD is one among the 113 identified cannabinoids found from the cannabis plant. And among the other compounds, is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which creates psychoactive activities and intoxication in humans. But worry not, for the CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants which have a very low concentration of THC or even totally absent.

Having strongly understood this base, now my reader can happily accept its phenomenal medical benefits. CBD oil is widely sought after by doctors and patients for it can cure ailments that seem very simple like acne, chronic pain, appetite problems, epilepsy, stress and trauma disorders, to even cancer and neuro problems.

Having complete knowledge of what you are going to purchase is the root step. Which must be strong by feeding relevant and trustworthy information, from articles as on our website.

2. Choose Your Buying Criteria

The buying decision is greatly shaped by your own criteria's. I strongly suggest that once you have set your priorities for the buying process, it must be left undisturbed until the end. For only then can you filter down the choices and move smoothly down the buying funnel. According to me, making tradeoffs is very crucial, especially when its products like CBD oil.

For, a priority like premium quality CBD oil will definitely become a burden in the budget segment. The quality-cost tradeoff is what most of the customers face. The other criteria's that let you baffle around are;-

  • The concentration of CBD content
  • Addition of preservatives and flavors
  • Immediacy of Effects
  • Ease of Use
  • Delivery time
  • Cost-quality
  • Our website has understood this kind of dilemmas and has furnished in detail about the cost and quality, and other such aspects of CBD products available in the best online sites for purchase. Feel free to have a look at

    3. Choose Your Product Type

    CBD oil is not just it. You have a whole lot of other means of ingestion. The market is filled with the following CBD products;-

  • CBD Hemp Oil
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Isolate
  • CBD Vape-Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Gummies
  • These whole lot of choices again has chances of drifting the customer away from the right decision. Our website supports you at this point by rending the right suggestions from Eileen Konieczny, the medical cannabis expert. She says, the effect of CBD differs varies from person to person depending greatly upon the means of ingestion and their body condition. Make sure you choose the appropriate product type that suits you in all ways, by referring the advice like that of Eileen Konieczny.

    4. Knowing where it hails from

    With demand for CBD products on high, the producers are behind finding good suppliers of CBD. Understanding the demand in the market, new CBD product manufacturers are entering every other day. But they aim only to utilize the market situation rather than emphasizing on providing quality products. The source or means of cultivation of the CBD is rarely cared about. The CBD suppliers claim to provide the raw material from its best source, but the origin is not really checked. It is difficult to track down its source and cultivation details, but there are still few lefts who really consider these factors while selecting.

    The list of buying options we provide assure us best quality CBD oil made from US grown CBD. They are able to maintain good relations with the suppliers who purchase bulk quality CBD from farmers, the result of which we are able to get premium CBD oil at an affordable cost.

    I would want you to know a little more about the good source of CBD for only then you can validate the claims put forward by many new companies. US soil which is rich in nutrients yields the best quality CBD. Furthermore, the hemp farms belonging to the Pilot Programs in Colorado, North Carolina, or Kentucky also guarantees best CBD end products, adhering to the high standard and quality set forward by those programs.

    5. Extraction process

    Not many manufacturers furnish their CBD extraction process. There are many processes for extraction, but if a company claims to have used CO2 extraction process, then they are at least following a standard as well as safe method resulting in pure CBD end product. Our CBD experts have filtered the best websites to buy CBD oil by paying attention to minute details like these too.

    6. Product testing

    Reputable companies send their products for lab testing to ensure quality products. And publish the test results and certifications in their website or outlets. Those companies who are reluctant to share their testing results, then you can doubt the quality of their product.

    Testing can be done inside their own manufacturing units or can be done through third-party testing labs. These lab tests ensure that the oil is pure and free from contaminations like heavy metals, microorganisms etc.

    7. Ingredients

    Having a look at the ingredients list is as important as checking on its quality. The manufacturer ought to furnish all the ingredient list on the label. The customer has full rights to know about it before purchase. If you find new ingredients other than the cannabinoids, it's no harm to do a little search on those new ingredients. Such research can save you if those have any negative or side effects.

    Most importantly, do look for the THC content in the CBD oil. For THC is the compound that triggers the psychoactive activities. The lower the THC levels, the better the CBD oil is.

    The THC concentration that is allowed to the maximum is 0.3% to 0.5% or less. I would suggest you stick on to these levels to have safe consumption of CBD oil.

    8. Fair price

    Next main step is to decide how much to pay for the product. This price you pay must be worthy enough for the value you get out of it. With peek competition going on, the manufacturers and sellers come up with marketing tricks to lure you to pay either high or sell you with low-quality products. Just understand the discounts, coupons, rewards etc are always means to attract you.

    The products price has relation to a lot of factors from the origin of the CBD till its processing and distribution process.

  • Ingredients
  • Concentration of CBD
  • Origin of CBD
  • CBD extraction process
  • Manufacturing cost
  • Export-import cost etc.

  • 9. Online Reviews

    Being an online purchase, this is where you have to pay due to importance. The reviews have its own role to play because everyone wants to hear what others have to say about the product. The user experiences and their feedback are crucial to understanding the best from the rest.

    And this is not as easy as it is said. I have spent years in analyzing the product from using it and interacting with different sources such as customer service people, past users etc. in my website,, I have laid down a detailed review of the best few websites that I would recommend to you.

    Having a glimpse of my home page would guide you into the best hands for the purchase of quality CBD oil. This review was not a product that happened overnight, extensive research considering the facilities like cost, quality, customer support, transaction methods, shipping charges, security, transparency, accessibility and much more.

    I can guarantee you that this review would be of the best guide for your purchase.

    10. Legal matter

    Ultimately all these matters only when CBD is legal in your residing place. CBD is not legal over the globe. Many countries have places restriction in accepting it for medical use. but definitely, it is progressing. as people over the world are beginning to understand its wonderful benefits.

    I believe that this checklist would lead you in the right path for the purchase of premium quality CBD oil. will be your companion throughout your buying journey.

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