'The Death Of The Moon' Presents The Sex Industry In A New Light

'The Death Of The Moon' Presents The Sex Industry In A New Light

The clichéd tale of a sex worker is more telling than it seems.

Blue lights, long shadows, and overturned crates make for a minimal setting, but a passably gritty one. For an off-Broadway production and a one-hour, one-woman show, it’s unsurprising. The show itself, however, hides some truth in the darkness.

Through October 8th, The Theater Center of New York presents “The Death of the Moon,” a musical about a woman who “rhapsodizes about her loneliness and downward spiral into the seedy underbelly of New York City.” Chloe Tucker plays Danielle, our tragic and sole heroine. Her voice, as all the reviews read, is easily one of the few qualities that carry the production for an hour. Fitting nineteen, often cryptic, musical numbers into her time frame is no easy feat, and she does it with undeniable skill and grace ― in heels at that.

The narrative of the musical, however, is lost on most. While it is advertised as “an alluringly gritty new musical that tells the story of a young woman's life as it spirals down into a world of drugs and prostitution,” we never see so much a spiral as we do a snapshot of her already-spiraled life. She enters the stage as a sex worker and exits as one, claiming big dreams of fame that are inhibited by her criminal record and her occupation. Her drug and alcohol consumption are an added deterrent, but neither are explained nor significantly effective of her, particularly given the time frame of the story. She manages to drink a glass full of sparkly something mid-song― an event that registers more impressive than damaging. It’s difficult to perceive her substance abuse as genuinely impactful when it is so casually inserted as a quirk.

Though we never quite understand why she is a sex worker, she reveals the tale of a past lover who cheated on her with her friend. That anecdote pervades the narrative, suggesting that she has been wronged by lovers beyond her current work, and that it is this heartbreak that initiates the spiral. This elicits some sympathy, but is still too far detached from the plot to be truly meaningful.

It is worth adding that our heroine is a humorous one; her critique of wealthy Manhattanites, their broken relationships, and their reliance on the sex industry is light-hearted but certainly well-intended. She defies an otherwise overwhelming cliché in how colorfully she details the role of the sex industry in modern society, and the popular distaste for it that contrasts with how frequently people entertain it. She knows that she has an indispensable worth in her society, even if it’s everyone’s dirty secret.

However, as rushed as it felt and how uneventful it was, watching the performance is still insightful, particularly in the wake of Hugh Hefner’s death. While women graced the front covers and glossy pages of his publication, they served a purpose dictated and controlled by the male gaze. They possessed, like our heroine, a sexuality owned by others. Danielle’s character voices the impact of “creating a brand that is synonymous with sexualized women being gazed at as things a man might want to acquire.”

Plot holes are numerous and resolution is far off, but the heavy social themes might make the play worth the watch. "The Death of the Moon" may not live to see off-Broadway acclaim, but it certainly lives a narrative that goes far beyond the stage.

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8 Smart Ways to Make Passive Income Remotely While Traveling

Opportunities for earning while traveling have never been so diverse!

Working remotely used to be a question of whether your employer would let you work from home or not. Nowadays, there are a lot of job opportunities available online and you can independently find work without having to get up from your chair. The new question now is how to invest your time to get the ball rolling and start earning money by not doing more than basic maintenance.

Get into e-commerce

E-commerce in your case should be narrowed down to selling the products online. It will require some time until you develop a website and attract the right amount of traffic to it. If you are doing really well, you may have a bit more maintenance than what you hoped for, but it will not be significant when compared to your earnings. However, an important thing to take care of if you are away, is sending goods to buyers. This is why, if you spend a lot of time away from home you should set up a dropshipping store and have your supplier send the goods. Alternatively, you can sell on Amazon and use their FBA to store and ship your products.

Sell website domains

If you have an analytical mind, if you are creative, or know your line of business well, you can think of good domain names and sell them at auctions. You won’t be able to sell all of them, but those that you truly manage to get right will have people fighting over them. This is what will earn your money. When creating a domain name you have to be sure to select the right keywords and something that sounds catchy and appealing to people from a certain niche.

Make e-books and audiobooks

If you are an expert in any field or if you have a well-structured personal philosophy which has helped you achieve your goals, you may want to write an e-book or make an audiobook. I cannot guarantee whether this type of content would get you far if published, but I know that it would involve more hassle. The Internet is the place business people visit for quick fixes and to do research. Having your book available at a nominal fee will probably seem tempting and they will not hesitate to buy it. Once written you may want to invest a bit in promotion on your part as with low prices you have to strive for quantity.

Sell photography

If you are a photographer, you can use your photos and sell them online. Organizing photo shoots, editing and uploading the photos takes time but once you have that done, you can afford to make big breaks and travel before the next busy season comes.

Sell web elements

This is the right type of job for graphic designers. You can create web elements such as logos, wallpapers, themes etc. and sell them online.

Rent your home

This is a perfect idea for those homeowners who will be away for a longer period of time. Try to find a trustworthy tenant as this is your home and you will probably come back to it at one point. Ask your friends if they can recommend anyone, or alternatively be very picky when interviewing potential tenants.  Cost of self storage doesn't have to be high and it is a great solution for putting away your things so someone else can move in and you do not have to sell them. 


Perhaps some of the best investments for passive income are dividend stocks and peer-to-peer lending. Dividend stocks will bring you earnings which are a part of total earnings of the company you have invested in. The more they earn, the more you get. This is why you need to be smart when choosing who to invest in. Peer-to-peer lending means investing in loans to help other businesses. The lower the credit score of the borrower, the higher the interest rate for you, so it is a bit of a gamble.

Be a vendor

You can buy an ATM and find a busy place that does not already have one. It is usually a shop window of some sort you are looking at. This is why you have to have an agreement with the shop and the company whose ATM you are setting up. You will get a small percentage out of it but you are, again, interested in the high volume of users. This requires some maintenance, though. Perhaps you could designate someone to do it for you if there is a need while you are away.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to earn money while you are not around. Even if you have a day job and an office you go to, you can still set up one of these passive business ideas to have them earn money for you on the side.

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Seinfeld and Friends Are the Best Shows

I can always count on watching Seinfeld and Friends to relive the greatest days of television.

What is going on with TV shows nowadays? It feels like television peaked in the 90s and early 2000s. Seinfeld and Friends were the best damn shows in history, and after their final seasons came to an end, not one show has matched their excellence.

Today, if a show wants to get the audience’s attention, all it needs to do is have slapstick. The audience will go crazy, and ratings will bounce back. Although Seinfeld and Friends did have a tinge of slapstick in them as well, the jokes they employed were much more genius than slapstick alone. The humor was actually thought out, relatable, and it made you think about ideas beyond the show.

What’s even better is that Seinfeld and Friends are timeless. Yes, there was the occasional joke that’s now out of date, but ultimately, there’s almost nothing in these shows that would be hard for someone to understand today.

Joey once pointed out how stupid celebrations can be, like how unnecessary it is for a one-year-old to have a birthday party. Friends showed this in 2003, but it’s still just as applicable today. Why do one-year-olds have birthday parties? It probably feels like an arbitrary day in their lives. Why does anyone really care about birthdays? These are thought provoking philosophical questions – which you can thank Friends for inspiring – that are still valid today.

The ideas presented in Seinfeld are still bona fide as well. “Male Unbonding” first aired in 1990, but it had one of the most timeless quotes in television history. When asked to go to a cappuccino place, Elaine says “I’ll go if I don’t have to talk.” That was one of the most relatable lines I have ever heard. All humans - even the most talkative - have experienced moments of not wanting to speak. It was true 28 years ago, it’s true today, and it will be true as long as humanity exists. You can thank Seinfeld for articulating this truth so relatably.

I won’t name any shows in particular, but I feel confident in saying that all the shows today suck, compared to Seinfeld and Friends. Unfortunately, it seems like the best shows are behind us, but I can always count on watching Seinfeld and Friends to relive the greatest days of television.

Cover Image Credit: Huffington Post

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