Here’s a warning for all who are about to spend the next few minutes of your lives reading this piece: you might be offended. You will probably think very lowly of me. Honestly, I do not care.

I'm going to be very frank in this particular instance.

First of all, you are not special. There is nothing inherently spectacular about you. You are an individual born with incredible potential, talents, and abilities, but none of that matters if you choose to spend your life channeling your inner slug and refusing to sweat a day in your life. Excellence and affluence are not things that are given; they must be earned. Granted, please understand that when I tell people – especially young girls – things like “you’re worth it” or “you can be loved”, I am not contradicting myself. There is a drastic difference between recognizing that you as a human being are not deserving of abuse, hate, or disgust from others and acknowledging that without effort put forth, you - and the unique things about you - will be nothing.

Second, you are probably a very petty human. It’s part of our nature. Jealousy and reaction go hand and hand; what matters is whether or not you act on those impulses.

Third, you’re most likely not a great person. You are either annoying, insecure, overconfident, too loud, too shy, you have awful body odor, or some combination of the above. It's easy to perceive the world from our high horse, but no one is flawless, and no one is inherently amazing. There are certain things about you that drive people crazy, hurt the ones you love, and cause problems with the individuals you hold the closest.

There comes a time in everyone’s lives when you’ll say or do something that results in someone who thinks they know how the world works to look at you and say “Listen, you need to do some self-evaluation and see what you find.” In that instance, nine times out of ten, you’ll roll your eyes and stumble away to your impending doom driven by self-infatuation.

In case you were actually considering taking that individual’s advice, however, there are several reasons why this concept of “self-evaluation” is so your pride and current reality.

Initially, it may seem nice. Take a look deep inside of your soul, and then pat yourself on the back for the beauty that you see. But once you open that door, it’s a much different scene. You might actually see some - *gasp* - flaws. Whether this be an unnecessary sense of pettiness or desperation or another trait that may not be as picture-perfect as initially supposed, a risk that comes with self-evaluation is the potentially prevalent existence of errors within yourself. Additionally, while reviewing one’s own actions and thoughts, there comes the acknowledgement of mistakes made in actions or decisions, and we can’t have that. We all know that the most important part of life is making sure that no mistakes are made or credibility questioned.

Furthermore – and perhaps one of the greatest dangers that comes with the action of self-evaluation – is the fact that with genuine review of oneself, there comes the subtle requirement for action. Let’s be real for a minute…that is not fun. That is not easy. That is not desirable. Isn’t is so much easier to live in our own world where the spotlight never leaves us and casts a shadow on our glorifiable qualities?

So as you go about your day completing whatever mundane tasks you typically fill your day with, I urge you to take a minute and think about self-evaluation. Then, promptly fight the thought as soon as it gets dark and, instead, continue to bask in your projected glory.