The Complete Guide to Instagram Monetization for Bloggers
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The Complete Guide to Instagram Monetization for Bloggers

6 Ways to Earn an Income with Your Instagram Account

The Complete Guide to Instagram Monetization for Bloggers

Introduction: What is Instagram Monetization?

Instagram monetization is difficult to define as Instagram has not yet had an IPO and does not release detailed financial data.

A few years ago, brands could only pay for sponsored posts on Instagram which allowed them to advertise to a targeted audience. However, this was not a lucrative option for advertisers who were used to paying for Facebook or Twitter ads.

In 2017, Instagram introduced the option of advertising with the same cost per click pricing model as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. This change has been seen as a step in the right direction by advertisers and it will be interesting to see how quickly they grow revenue from this new opportunity.

Ways to Monetize on Instagram

  • Become an Influencer

There are a number of ways to become an influencer on Instagram, for instance:

- You can be an influencer by posting content that is relevant to your industry. This means posting the latest news in the food industry, for instance.

- You can be an influencer by creating an Instagram account about your personal life and sharing your day-to-day activities with your followers.

- You can be an influencer by posting content that you find aesthetically pleasing or funny or interesting, etc.

Create Educational Videos 

Educational videos can be created on Instagram to create interest in a topic, teach new skills, and increase retention. A great example is the "Makeup Show" on Instagram. The show features tutorials and demos of makeup application, highlighting the importance of using quality products and tools for an ideal makeup look.

Most of these videos are less than five minutes and provide a quick tutorial on how to use a product or do your makeup in a certain way.

is great for beginners who need guidance or for people who want to up their makeup game but don't have time for lengthy YouTube videos.

Sell Products Online 

Instagrammers are using their account to promote brands and sell products. They are using hashtags, Stories or other methods to get noticed by their followers.

When you create a post on Instagram, you need to tag the people who would be interested in your post. Tagging can be done manually or with an Instagram tagging tool such as Iconosquare, Latergramme or Hootsuite. And then track those tags with an analytics tool such as Iconosquare, Latergramme or Hootsuite.

Master Facebook Ads 

Social media advertising is a huge part of the marketing world. Millions of people log into Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter every day. When you're trying to reach your target audience, it can be tricky to decide which platform is best for you.

Facebook Ads runs on Facebook only; Instagram ads run on both Facebook and Instagram; Twitter ads run exclusively on Twitter; LinkedIn ads are for LinkedIn only.

Facebook has the highest number of monthly active users (2 billion), which means that if you want to reach as many people as possible with your advertising message, then you should think about running an advertising campaign on Facebook.

Instagram is growing at a staggering rate – more than 500 million monthly active users! This makes it a very valuable social media network to advertise on if your


There are Many Ways you can Profit on Instagram. Choose the One that best suits your Needs!

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