It was quiet where she was; the sound of snow against the shingles was the only noise. She glances at her phone, no one has responded to her. This was a tradition, they were all supposed to meet the cabin. One year ago, something tragic happened - her older brother fell to his death off the cliff that was about a yard behind the cabin, the cliff that overlooked the lake and the boathouse that their family would use during the summer. His death didn't make sense to her, he was an avid hiker, rock climber, he exercised everyday; if anyone knew how to avoid danger it was him. When they found him, his neck was broken, and he had a horrible head wound. There was blood everywhere, in the snow, dripping on the rocks. The one thing that bothered her about the his whole death was the fact that there was another set of footsteps where his were. The cops ignored it all; ruling his death as a suicide. Why would he kill himself? She thought. He was engaged, he just bought a new house.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

She looks up, hearing that sound. She gazes out the window; was it raining now? She saw no rain, only snow, eerily quiet snowfall. The whole outside was empty, except for the porch light illuminating the snow fall.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

The sound grew louder; could it be a leaky faucet? She walks into the kitchen, there was nothing coming from the sink. For some reason, the sound was coming from the back door. She slowly walks over, peeking out the small window and she could've sworn she saw a shadow.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

She gasps, clutching her chest, someone was knocking erratically on the front door. She jogs over and quickly opens the door, expecting her friends. Except no one was there; she was alone, just her, the cabin and the snow. "Hello?" She shouts out, getting no response. Her eyes scan the front yard; the tire swing attached to the tree gently sways, the wind howls. She sighs and closes the door, clutches her necklace and walks over the living room clutch, sitting down pulling her legs up.

Olivia... It was barely above a whisper, it had to be the wind from the storm, that's all it had to be.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

A chill runs up her spine and she pushes herself off the couch, she slams open the front door and steps on the porch, no one was there. "Hello?!" She shouts into the quiet wilderness. She jogs down the porch steps; the air made her cheeks sting, she should've grabbed her jacket. She jumps, startled, hearing the front door slam. She mutters a curse and runs back up the step, the door was locked. "That's impossible," she mutters.


She turns towards the clearing of the woods and gasps loudly, she sees a figure standing there, her eyes focus. "Sebastian?" He turns away and starts walking so she follows. She had to have been dreaming, there was no way this was real, but she couldn't stop herself from screaming these words. "Sebastian! Where are you taking me?" She was talking to her dead brother and running through the woods in just a t-shirt, jeans, and flats. Was she going crazy finally?

She skids to a halt when he stops walking, slipping awkwardly on the snow. "No," she says breathlessly, realizing where she was. Her brother turns to her, the right side of his face was covered in blood, a large gaping wound was clearly visible on his temple, his neck was bruised. He looks forward at the cliff that she's all too familiar with, and he falls. "No!" She screams, slipping and falling as she runs towards the edge. She looks down at the thirty foot drop that showed the jagged rocks all the way down onto the grassy field at the bottom. Her brother wasn't there. Tears pour down her face as she shakes with sobs, she pulls herself into the fetal position.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

"What the fuck do you want from me?!" Olivia screams into the winter air. The hairs on the back of h her neck raise, a chill runs up her spine, she sees flashes of light. She sees herself, standing on the cliff with her brother.

"Please don't do this." Her brother says, tears in his crystal blue eyes. He looked scared, genuinely terrified. "Let her go."

She looks at her hands, covered in blood. She laughs, but it wasn't a normal laugh. It was deep, throaty; evil. Her eyes were different, no pigment, just black. She watches as her body twists in a horrible way, her legs bent to the side, her back was bent, the sound of her bones breaking almost made her throw up. It happened only in a split second, like her body was thrown on it's own. Sebastian screams, and Olivia puts her hands to her ears. The sound was so awful, the sound of her body dropping thirty feet. The sound of death. Olivia stands over her dead body, watching as her brother held her and cried, he looks up to the sky. "I will fucking kill you!" She didn't know who he was talking to, all she knew was that she was the one who was dead. Her eyes were still open, she was smiling, her neck had been broken, as well as almost every single bone in her body.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

The scene in front of her was gone, it was just her standing there at the scene where she died. Drip. Drip. Drip. She heard footsteps behind her, she looks, seeing something in the distance. It moved towards the light. She gasps, backing up, it's body was contorted; legs bent all the way to the right, spine bent backwards. It walked like it was under the influence, trying to keep it's balance, but moving faster. Olivia's dead heart beat fast, she kept walking backwards as the thing moved closer. Drip. Drip. Drip.

In the light, Olivia sees the trickles of blood in the snow, the thing moves closer into the light and lifts up it's head. It smiles at her, blood pools out of it's mouth, covering it's teeth. Olivia falls back, this wasn't possible, she was dead, how could she be seeing this? The thing falls forward onto it's hands, it still smiled, more blood came out. The light shines on it's whole face; there was only one crystal blue eye.

Her brother.