The Boyband That Has me Wrapped Around Their Fingers

The Boyband That Has me Wrapped Around Their Fingers

Yes, that is a picture of me participating in a fan project on Twitter back in 2012. Fans were trying to get them to come to Wisconsin and in 2015 they brought their "On The Road Again Tour" to Miller Park!!

It's been 6 years since I clearly remember hearing "What Makes You Beautiful" on the radio going to the midnight showing of a movie and that very moment is when it began.

I feel in love with One Direction and watched the video over and over again. I felt like I needed to be on twitter for every single live video they did. I had to be on the couch at the start of when they were on any TV show such as ICarly, Saturday Night Live and many more. I counted down the days every time they had a date set to release a video, movie, new single and album. I even woke up all hours in the night (even on school nights) just to be up for the premier of a single that would come out at 12 p.m. England time.

I clearly remember my parents telling me it's just a boyband, you will get over it as if it was just a phase. Well, sorry mom and dad but it was never a phase and it is still not!

I joked around with my parents the Christmas of 2012 that I was gonna ask for One Direction tickets but I never wrote it on my list because as much as I wanted to see them I knew tickets are not cheep. But sure enough my parents created a scavenger hunt on Christmas morning, leading me to the one gift I was so appreciative of and still am. Tickets to their "Take Me Home Tour 2013" in Chicago.

Let me tell you, I cried when I got the tickets and I cried when they came on stage. But who am I kidding I cried at the next two concerts in 2014 and 2015. Also every time my parents gave me something with their faces on I would just cry uncontrollably.

I idolize them and I cherish them because for some reason they played a big part in my life. So whether you were a fan of, The Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, 98 Degrees, The Wanted, Big Time Rush...ect. You probably know what I am talking about.

The One Direction boys are currently doing solo projects and I support them in every which way. I buy their singles, albums and attempt to get concert tickets for their solo show (I already have them for Niall). As great as this is, it is still upsetting not to see them as a band.

2012 was the time to be alive, it was the hike of their career and they continued to thrive. They were the biggest boy band, bigger than the Beatles. If you knew me in 2012 and even now, you know I did not shut up about One Direction. I mean, I did walk around my house singing "What Makes You Beautiful" 24/7.

I have to thank them though because with out them, I would not be as big of a fangirl as I am. I love my fangirl side and many people do not see it unless I am completely comfortable around you. It also started my love for music and concerts. It is why I want to work within the entertainment industry today.

Here is the thing, you can tell me that One Direction won't get back together after their solo projects. You can hit me will all the facts leading to NSYNC and how they went on a break and never came back. But that doesn't mean I will believe you, it doesn't mean I will agree with you.

I will tell you, they will be back together and I have high hopes of it. I will be front and center when they get back together. Whether I am 20 at the time or 30, I will be there. If they do not get back together, I will be hurt but not as much as I was when they first announced the break. Because I know deep down that they are not going any where I still have their solo music and everything that comes with it.

The memories I carry of them being in a band will never go away and my love for them will not either.

It was never a phase and never will be.

Cover Image Credit: Samantha Lynn

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100 Of The Best Vines Of All Time

Hi, welcome to Chili's!

Not to be dramatic, but the Vine app was the best thing to ever happen to me.

The Vine app truly understood me and my extremely odd sense of humor. When it was shut down, I felt like a part of me shut down with it. Luckily, I still have the ability to reflect on the good times that I had with Vine. Although there aren't any new Vine videos keeping my spirit alive, the Vine videos from the past are enough to keep me going.

This is way overdue, but here are the 100 best Vines to ever exist (in no particular order).

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48. I look like Mona Lisa.

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99. We all have a lot of laughs.

100. High school musical.

Honestly, I still can think of 100 more of the greatest vines of all time... but I guess I should stop now.

Cover Image Credit: NY Mag

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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Is The Comedy Gold We Love And Need, And That Has A Lot To Do With The Characters

Every character finds his or her own chemistry with each person in the precinct, and ultimately, that's what makes "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" a big old unique family.


For the past couple of months, I have been unapologetically binge-watching "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," mainly because it's finally available on Netflix where I live. And the more I watch this show, the more I realize its value culturally and comically.

First off, even as an avid watcher of crime shows, I know that the police procedural show has been done one too many times. There are endless tropes it has spawned, with the gruff lead detective falling in love with a snappy partner or the weirdly inventive murders that real cops would be shocked to deal with even once in their careers, let alone every week at 7 p.m. EST.

This is exactly why "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is such a relief to watch. It's fun, it doesn't take itself too seriously and it's smart.

Starting off with the cast, Andy Samberg plays Jake Peralta, one of the best — or if you asked him, the absolute best — detectives in the precinct. The only issue with him is that he's a man-child through and through, still unable to grow up or mature in most areas of his life.

Now, I've seen this stereotype played off time and time again — the goofy and hilarious leading man who really just needs to figure himself out, but requires the rest of the cast to act as only supporting characters in his one-man journey of self-discovery.

Thankfully, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" doesn't fall into that well-trodden trap — Jake's characteristic childlike tendencies, including a passionate love for orange soda, blue flavored drinks and gummy worms, are part of his personality through and through.

But he truly cares for his friends, as seen in the humility he shows when he apologizes to Charles Boyle, his best friend on the force who reveres him, and he owns up to his mistakes whenever he hurts somebody else. He is a layered character who's still figuring himself out — which makes his antics forgivable and sweet because of his true intentions.

And speaking of well-rounded characters, the entire cast is fully developed — aside from Hitchcock and Scully, both of whom mainly stay comfortably in their boxes as the lazy, idiotic detectives. And beyond being fully developed, which is hard enough to juggle in a show of so many characters, they are diverse.

This point has been brought up again and again. The show includes people of different ethnicities, and it gives them dignity as characters that goes beyond their race. Stereotypes have no place on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," not when you have a gay black captain and a sergeant built like a tank who braids his twin daughters' hair and is wholeheartedly dedicated to the farmer's market. There's a scary but kind Rosa, who is revealed to be bisexual, and Amy, who is a Type A personality that melts at the sight of a well-organized binder.

Essentially, all the characters in this show go beyond being entertaining. They are memorable — Gina, especially. The assistant of Captain Holt, her participation in a dance troupe called "Floorgasm," along with her stunning self-confidence, makes her one of the best characters on the show by far.

But the strongest point of this show is the relationships that are carefully crafted between the characters. Each episode has unlikely subplots involving different characters, and each relationship is built so that the show doesn't fall into monotone rhythms of characters who only have chemistry with certain other characters.

Rather, every character finds his or her own chemistry with each person in the precinct, and ultimately, that's what makes "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" a big old unique family.

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