It's been 6 years since I clearly remember hearing "What Makes You Beautiful" on the radio going to the midnight showing of a movie and that very moment is when it began.

I feel in love with One Direction and watched the video over and over again. I felt like I needed to be on twitter for every single live video they did. I had to be on the couch at the start of when they were on any TV show such as ICarly, Saturday Night Live and many more. I counted down the days every time they had a date set to release a video, movie, new single and album. I even woke up all hours in the night (even on school nights) just to be up for the premier of a single that would come out at 12 p.m. England time.

I clearly remember my parents telling me it's just a boyband, you will get over it as if it was just a phase. Well, sorry mom and dad but it was never a phase and it is still not!

I joked around with my parents the Christmas of 2012 that I was gonna ask for One Direction tickets but I never wrote it on my list because as much as I wanted to see them I knew tickets are not cheep. But sure enough my parents created a scavenger hunt on Christmas morning, leading me to the one gift I was so appreciative of and still am. Tickets to their "Take Me Home Tour 2013" in Chicago.

Let me tell you, I cried when I got the tickets and I cried when they came on stage. But who am I kidding I cried at the next two concerts in 2014 and 2015. Also every time my parents gave me something with their faces on I would just cry uncontrollably.

I idolize them and I cherish them because for some reason they played a big part in my life. So whether you were a fan of, The Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, 98 Degrees, The Wanted, Big Time Rush...ect. You probably know what I am talking about.

The One Direction boys are currently doing solo projects and I support them in every which way. I buy their singles, albums and attempt to get concert tickets for their solo show (I already have them for Niall). As great as this is, it is still upsetting not to see them as a band.

2012 was the time to be alive, it was the hike of their career and they continued to thrive. They were the biggest boy band, bigger than the Beatles. If you knew me in 2012 and even now, you know I did not shut up about One Direction. I mean, I did walk around my house singing "What Makes You Beautiful" 24/7.

I have to thank them though because with out them, I would not be as big of a fangirl as I am. I love my fangirl side and many people do not see it unless I am completely comfortable around you. It also started my love for music and concerts. It is why I want to work within the entertainment industry today.

Here is the thing, you can tell me that One Direction won't get back together after their solo projects. You can hit me will all the facts leading to NSYNC and how they went on a break and never came back. But that doesn't mean I will believe you, it doesn't mean I will agree with you.

I will tell you, they will be back together and I have high hopes of it. I will be front and center when they get back together. Whether I am 20 at the time or 30, I will be there. If they do not get back together, I will be hurt but not as much as I was when they first announced the break. Because I know deep down that they are not going any where I still have their solo music and everything that comes with it.

The memories I carry of them being in a band will never go away and my love for them will not either.

It was never a phase and never will be.