Sweden Knows The Best Way To Have Coffee

Sweden Knows The Best Way To Have Coffee

If you only drink coffee to stay awake, you're doing it wrong.

In America, coffee is perhaps the biggest tool in a student's bag of tricks to prepare for early morning classes and late-night last-minute homework excursions.

However, nearly 5,000 miles away on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, there is a country that has literally transformed the act of drinking coffee into something of a borderline religious discipline.

But who? Think blue, yellow, and long winters.

If you guessed Sweden, then you'd be right!

In Sweden, drinking coffee is far more important and community oriented to everyday life than here in America. Swedes have even given the practice a name: Fika (pronounced fee-kah}. The word's basic meaning is, "to have coffee," but there is much more to fika than just simply coffee.

For example, normally, fika is done with another person or a group of family or friends. Likewise, it can be held with a stranger as a way to get acquainted with someone new. Many Swedes also like to enjoy a sweet food with their coffee and a few common selections are cinnamon buns, cookies, croissants, or some other sort of pastry.

A fika can be done at home, in a cafe, or even at work! The entire point of fika is to take a break from your day and socialize with your fellow humans about personal life, current events, or anything else for that matter.

Although coffee is enjoyed across the globe, the wonder people of Sweden has found perhaps the best way to unify the delicious drink with their daily lives.

In Sweden, fika is a ubiquitous time for everyone. With so much chaos in everyday life, maybe it's time for Americans to take a page out of the Swedish playbook and sit down, pour a cup of coffee, and enjoy the pleasure of another's company.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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What You Should Be Drinking During Each Day Of The Week

Don't we all wish it was Friday?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. Wow. Have our weeks always been so long? There is always a routine of the day, wake up, eat breakfast, do your morning things and then head off into the day. Every day. Repeat.

There is no change, but there should be.

Each day holds its own challenges and each day should have something a little different. Your routine can be endless and each day it seems as if it never ended. Every day seems to be getting longer and longer, we need drinks to power through the week.

Here is what you should be drinking according to what day it is:

Monday - Coffee

You might have drunk too much coffee or just too much the day before (trust me, we've all been there), so hydrate your body. Only 3 more days until Friday!

Wednesday - Energy Drinks

The week is halfway over but it feels like it has lasted a million years and you have a million to go. Energy, I need energy!!

Thursday - Wine

Tomorrow is Friday! Finally! It has been a long week. Debra did that and Sharon did this, a big glass of wine is exactly what you need. Okay, maybe a couple big ones. Cheers!

Friday - Drinks

It has been one long, hard, grueling week. You and your coworkers or classmates need to go out and have a drink together to forget what your boss did or your quiet classmate said. AND, it is the freakin' weekend, I can drink to that!

Saturday - Alcohol

A party of fun or a party of none. Time to show off your "amazing" dance skills and to finally shoot your shot! She sets, she shoots, she scores! Well, maybe she does. The tequila thinks she does.

Sunday - Gatorade

So, last night did happen. Don't worry, we got a drink for that headache, stomach ache, the oh my gosh I texted him again ache. Replenish, get your electrolytes back up before you have to start the process of a long week again.

Happy drinking!

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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It's Been Four Years

and I am thriving

Four years ago today, I was diagnosed with anxiety and a non-specified mood disorder. I had been struggling for months and every single day was a living hell. I refused to go to school, had panic attacks at least three times a day, was always irritated, and never stopped crying. I would not wish it upon my worst enemy. 

 I had a great group of friends, got straight A's, was involved in tons of clubs, etc. I had no reason to be like this and it made me feel crazy. I started to shut down. I didn't do my homework. like ever. I spent more time sleeping than anything else. High School was really difficult for me and I felt like no one understood. With time, lots of therapy, a great support system, and some trial and error with medication, I was getting better. By my senior year, I felt somewhat normal again. Although, I was still struggling with the fact that my "disability" (I HATE that word) would stick with me forever. There is no cure. No magical drug. It may get better, but it will never go away. Now, looking back, I have accepted it. My anxiety has made me so much stronger and I know that I went through it, and will continue to go through it, for a reason.

Today, I sit here writing this from my college dorm room eating dark chocolate and barbecue Fritos with one of my roommates. After I'm finished stuffing my face, I'm going to get my nails done with my mother. In a few hours, I will go babysit two toddlers. Then, I have a sorority meeting. After that, I will finish up the rest of my homework. Tomorrow morning, I have a meeting for a Habitat for Humanity trip I am going on during spring break. I am as busy as can be and I am not stressed out one bit. I am doing what I have dreamed of since I was in seventh grade and could not be happier. I live with my best friend, get straight A's, will graduate a year early, am involved at school, have a supportive boyfriend and friend group, love my family to death, and am finally feeling like a normal teenage girl. Four years later, I am saying thank you to my "disability" because I am more able now than I ever could be before. Four years later and I am thriving. 

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