Almost every girl (and possibly some guys) have experienced being cat called. Most of the time, it leaves me feeling extremely uncomfortable and annoyed. It has nothing to do with who the person calling out to me is, it's just the fact that I am trying to walk somewhere or go for a run, and i'm probably by myself. I guess some people don't understand how scary it is for a random man to approach a woman while she's alone... or just don't care. So in that case, it's up to "the victim" to try and end the interaction in the proper way. Let's explore some options.

1. Ignore them

Okay okay, this one if obvious and boring. If we're going to be cat called, lets have some fun with it right? Also, there's the possibility that they might circle back around or follow you to try to gain a better reaction. Next option I guess?

2. Flip them off

This is a very knee jerk reaction that I often have to hold myself back from using as it gives them the satisfaction of your attention, AND could possibly anger the man into trying to harm you. So... no hand gestures? Uhg.

3. Respond back to them with objectifying phrases

This option is pretty fun as it can help to put you in the place of control and maybe make them leave the situation. On the down side however, they could keep playing along with it, making the scene worse. Okay no talking back to them, got it.

4. Make a really ugly face and distort your body

Ahh last but not least. I have yet to try this tactic out yet, although I think it might be the winner. This has no negative effects as it will probably scare the cat caller away or trick them momentarily into thinking that you are not visually appealing anymore. Get to practicing your ugliest scrunchy face in the mirror ladies!

This article was based off of real experiences! I've been followed by cars, honked at, yelled at, whistled at, asked strange questions, etc. Any way that a random guy or group of guys (shutter) might want to make themselves known to you. They will probably forget about it after passing by, but it has ruined parts of my days before. While on a walk with my mom we were cat called by some men in a truck. It led to me telling her how I wish I could just ruin their goal somehow without giving them the attention that they want. Which led to my list of ways to deal with cat-calling, and concluding the best way.