The Best Of Rupi Kaur's "Milk And Honey"

If you’re like me, you have been infatuated with Rupi Kaur’s poetry. Specifically, you have fallen in love with “Milk and Honey”, a collection of Rupi Kaur’s poems, which are separated into the categories of the hurting, the loving, the breaking, and the healing. No matter who you are, her poems can relate to anyone, male or female.

Here are some of the best Rupi Kaur poetry from her book “Milk and Honey”:

She was music

But he had his ears cut off

To hate

Is an easy lazy thing

But to love

Takes strength

Everyone has

But not all are

Willing to practice

How is it easy for you to

To be kind to people he asked

Milk and honey dripped

From my lips as I answered

Cause people have not

Been kind to me

The universe took its time on you

Crafted you precisely

So you could offer the world

Something distinct from everyone else

So when you doubt

How you were created

You doubt an energy greater than us both

I am learning

How to love him

By loving myself

I do not want to have you

To fill the empty parts of me

I want to be full on my own

I want to be so complete

I could light a whole city

And then

I want to have you

Cause the two of

Us combined

Could set it

On fire

You tell me to quiet down cause

My opinions make me less beautiful

But I was not made with a fire in my belly

So I could be put out

I was not made with a lightness in my tongue

So I could be easy to swallow

I was made heavy

Half blade and half silk

Difficult to forget but

Not easy for the mind to follow

And here you are living

Despite it all

I am water

Soft enough

To offer life

Tough enough

To drown it away

The day you have everything

I hope you remember

When you had nothing

I tremble at the thought of

Falling in love with a

Tiny part of someone

And mistaking it

For the whole

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