Being an only child has its highs and lows. As an only child myself, I love it. It comes with a lot of great perks that wouldn't happen/wouldn't happen as easily if I had siblings. Yes, every now and then I wish I had siblings, but you can easily live off of your friends' siblings and be satisfied with that. It's like saying you wish you had a baby. They're cute and fun to play with, but then they cry and get annoying so you hand them back to the mom. Some people can see some of these perks as a negative, but a lot of people from the only child standpoint would say that these are positives. Here are ten reasons why being an only child is the best.

1. You never have to share anything.

With siblings, the amount of things you have to share is ridiculous. You're constantly getting hand-me-downs in everything: clothes, shoes, games, etc. You have to share your food with everyone or label it with a post-it note that says "do not eat" (although you know one of your siblings will eat it anyways). You have to share a room with your siblings. The list can go on and on.

2. No standards

When you're the only child, you don't need to be like your older sibling or be a role model for your younger sibling because you don't have any! You can be who you want to be and not be compared to anyone. It takes less pressure away for you to be someone you're not.

3. You get extra attention from everybody.

This can be nice because it's not just extra attention from your parents but extra attention from your aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. You're the only niece/nephew/grandchild so of course they are going to put more attention on you.

4. Less fighting

With no siblings to argue with, the only people you really have to argue with are your parents. And you don't really want to go down that road. That means less fighting and a more peaceful house for you to live in!

5. You're comfortable talking to people older than you.

Growing up, a lot of the conversations you first had were with your parents and your friends. This makes you feel comfortable talking with adults. Sometimes you're even more comfortable talking with adults than with people your own age.

6. You become super close with your parents.

Again, growing up, a majority of your interactions are with your parents. This creates an intense bond like no other.

7. More family vacations

When there's only one of you, there's more money to go on more trips and even go on big trips rather than just driving down to Florida every year. Along with that, sometimes your parents even let you bring a friend along so that your parents can go out and do their own thing on the trip. It makes everyone happy.

8. You learn how to be very responsible.

When you are the center of attention, you learn that you have to be responsible because when you get in trouble the spotlight is on you. You avoid getting in trouble because you don't want that pressure and it's not like there's anyone else there to blame.

9. Alone time doesn't bother you.

Some people hate being alone but it doesn't bother you. After years of being alone as a kid, you don't mind having alone time every now and then. You even enjoy it and sometimes set aside some alone time for yourself. In fact, it can even be beneficial in the end because going off to college or buying your first house won't be as scary. You're used to having to be independent.

10. You have great qualities of both an introvert and an extrovert.

You have a little bit of the best of both worlds. Having a mix of these qualities will help you a lot when growing up.