The Best And Worst Bottled Water Brands

Not every bottled water is created equal. I'm serious! I actively search for certain brands while I avoid others like the plague. The other day I was reluctantly drinking one of these brands when I realized there is an actual difference in taste with different brands, at least to me. Behold, the three best and worst bottled water brands.

The best:

1. Aquafina

Simmons sells exclusively Aquafina and I'm so glad. I'm not an expert on taste or anything but I find this tastes the best. Plus, it's not one of those crazy expensive waters that you have to spend $5 to get.

2. Polar

Shout out to Worcester, MA. Way to bottle some cheap, quality water. Not to mention, everything Polar does is beautiful and perfect. (Is my love for my favorite Central MA city coming through?)

3. Poland Spring

The water of all suburban Massachusetts mothers. It's a classic go to, and usually, it's great, but sometimes I get a weird taste if it gets warm. Still one of the best.

The worst:

1. Dasani

Garbage water. Tastes like melted restaurant ice and broken dreams. The appeal of bottled water is that people usually think it tastes better than tap water, but this certainly does not. Not to mention it's produced by Coca-Cola.

2. Deer Park (Nestlé)

I don't know what is wrong with this water, but it tastes awful. I can't help but think about lake water when I drink it. Maybe that's because of the name.

3. Fiji

Truth be told, I've actually never had Fiji water, but it made the list of the worst bottled waters because of the absolute ridiculousness that is Fiji water. It's bottled in Fiji, shipped God-knows how long to America, and we spend $5 to buy it? The shipping costs! The transportation! We're shipping water across the oceans to a country that already has clean drinking water and bottled water? God almighty.

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