Sleeping At Last Is The Band You Need On a Bad Day

Sleeping At Last Is The Band You Need On a Bad Day

You will find ease in sleeping after listening to this playlist

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It’s no wonder where the alternative rock band Sleeping At Last gets their name from. On a bad day, listening closely to their lyrics will aid you in getting a good night’s sleep. Their songs are very calming and can be taken to heart.

1. Saturn

Based on the planet itself, this song deserves a listen. Or a few. The most important verse from “Saturn” has to be “How rare and beautiful it truly is that we exist”. Listen to this verse a few times, and let it sit with you. Life truly is a wonderful gift, even though it may entail hard times. Make life your own; do not worry what others say or think. You will hear “The universe was made to be seen by [your] eyes”. Find the beauty in life all around you.

2. North

No matter what kind of day you encounter, “North” will remind you that there is always a place to call home. You may feel nostalgic hearing “we tell our stories on these walls, every year measure how tall”, for your parents may have marked your height on a wall each year. If you feel as if there is no place to call home, you are capable of creating one for yourself. We are “the impact and the glue”. Everyone is capable of creating a space in which they can find comfort and love. Thinking of this warm place can help cure sorrows.

3. Uranus

“Uranus” may be instrumental; however, it is beautiful. The dynamics in this song are breathtaking. The subtle voice in the background of the music I highly suggest turning on this song whenever sleeping becomes difficult.

4. Emphasis

This song from the album Yearbook reminds us that life should be lived with bravery. Nothing in life is promised, but we must be our own “speck of light” that can “reignite the sun”. Life could seem like a pile of broken pieces and we may feel overpowered by the “overarching shadows”, but we have the power to create light in the darkest situations.

5. Uneven Odds

Every lyric in this song is important; however, “Darkness exists to make life truly count” are the best lyrics to live by. Remember that life cannot be perfect. With perfection, life would be boring. Everyone experiences darkness in their life; pick yourself up in this darkness and learn from it. Let the darkness shape you as a person. When you accept the darkness and learn from it, that is when you find the light.

Needless to say, Sleeping At Last created songs to heal the heart. These top five songs, along with many others from this band, are a must listen to ease any pain. Go ahead- plug in your earphones and you will definitely find sleeping to be a simple task, and we all know sleeping is a great cure.

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