Music is a form of art that is often taken for granted. You never really know how much something means to you until you go about your life without it.

The definition of music is "vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion." The very last half I believe is the most important half to consider, specifically the expression of emotion.

Everyone is able to feel their emotions without being told what to feel. However, music has the ability to influence your emotions. It's almost as if music has a mind of its own.

There is a wide variety of aspects that come together to influence your thoughts. Music can be fast and short. There can be a bounce to the rhythm. It can have a loud dynamic level. These are all that would sound happy in music. However, if you slow the song down and make it flow and connect, it begins to sound more mellow.

Thanks to composers around the world, you are now allowed to jam out in your car with your friends. On the other aspect, you can let the music seep in while crying. There are many emotions to feel, and music gives you the ability to feel all of them.

Bono was absolutely right when he said: "Music can change the world because it can change people." Music is one of the most versatile things on this planet. Yet there are almost only good things you can say about it.

When you watch a movie, there is constantly music playing in the background. Take Star Wars for example. Star Wars has its own notable theme song. Everyone that has watched the movie will be able to tell you what is happening when that song begins to play. I haven't even watched Star Wars, but I know exactly how the tune goes. That is because John Williams is a brilliant composer who knows what the audience needs to hear along with their movie.

A more recent example can be The Greatest Showman. That movie has one of the best soundtracks I have heard, and all of the music changes me. Every time I hear the chords pouring out of speakers and into my ears, my mood instantly lifts and I feel like I have enough inspiration and motivation to do everything I could have ever imagined.

The next time you get the chance, go check out a local performance of some classical music. You don't have to go hit up a fancy orchestra out in the big apple or in a big city. A small town children's choir concert will get the job done. You will have a blast, and watching the kids do something they enjoy will get you in the mood to do just about anything. Music can really influence you in ways you may not have imagined, so don't take it for granted.