To the Anxious Ones:

my dearest,

you may think that you are




no one can know what you are feeling.

lying in your bedroom

an exhausted body dueling a restless mind.

the heart begins to beat with the pulse of a raging thunderstorm;

the lungs act as if you were suddenly on the peak of Mt. Everest.

everything seems




colors around you begin throbbing

invisible bricks piled on top of your chest.

the weight is unbearable;

once again you collapse further into your bed

into the mold created by anxiety.

once you are in, it’s nearly impossible to get out.

salty waters plagued with worry stream from your eyes,

surging at a rate impossible to stop.

maybe if you close your eyes, it will stop…

another night claimed by silent sobs.

my dearest,

anxiety is a plague,

a destructive and debilitating one at that.

however, I need you to know this one thing:

each anxiety attack you battle, whether you



call a draw,

brings you one step closer to winning the war.

suffering in life will never change; it eternally returns.

with each battle against the eternally returning suffering,

you learn how to

better equip yourself

utilize the moment for what it is

learn how to recover and grow.

it will not easy or fast;

it is a lifelong process that is

unbelievably profound and tasking, but worth it all.

I promise you, you are not alone in this.

my dearest,

I believe in you.

you may not win each battle, but you will win the war.

-Resilience always wins in the end.