Every American child grows up thinking they live in the best country in the world, and that probably has a lot to do with the whole world knowing that the United States is the best country in the world. America does not lead the world in science, or math, or engineering, not even in democracy. However, Americans ranks number one in confidence. If Americans have not reached the credentials to be considered the best than why is it implanted in every American that we are.

Mostly it has to do with how our culture is the homogeneous culture that rules the globe . This culture can be divided by three factors, what you see, what you want to do , and how you expect life to be. This can be broken down through the division of Hollywood and Bollywood. How our government is conducted and what opportunities are available to you.

A stereotypical American day starts with an alarm clock letting you know you can snooze it for another twenty minutes. Followed by breakfast, which includes most of the food pyramid; bacon, cereal, fresh fruit, pancakes, eggs, granola- you name it. It is then followed by a bus ride to high school where you're either the stereotypical nerd or the popular girl everyone hates but wants to be like, or the cool kid who plays the guitar. You are educated and fed and encouraged to follow your dreams. Followed by a nice family dinner where everyone is happy without a worry and get to retire to a perfect slumber. If you are growing up in a third world country where you have to walk for three hours to get to school, eat a bowl of rice a day -if you're lucky- and know that you are the loser of globalization, your dream life is that represented in American culture. Wasting goods is not an option in developing countries, while food always goes to waste in the common American home.

The global culture has become Americanized due to its popularity in the film industry. Hollywood has depicted a frame that labels Americans as care free, adventurous people. A common tv show would show people working for a short period of time and enjoying the best part of life and spending time with friends. Bollywood in the other hand is not part of the monoculture. Even thought it is still a respectable film industry that is seen by millions, not enough people admire or find it as amusing as as Hollywood films. Bombs and explosions attract viewers more than the same traditional dance shown in every Indian movie. People see these movies and dream of a life where excitement and thrill drive human interaction. If you are living in a third world country the idea that drinking water can come from a refrigerator door is so advance for you that it's inability to obtain it makes you worship that idea.

The American monoculture also benefits other cultures by raising the expectations on how life should be lived. Part of being an American is the ability to maintain yourself clean. When an American is not properly dressed or is deemed dirty, they often take shame and try to fix themselves in order to be be deemed presentable. This part of our culture can be seen in the dramatic cultural change in Hong Kong. When McDonalds took over the world they also spread American standards across borders. In the City of Hong Kong, McDonald's bathrooms were still expected to maintain the clean American look- even if it was not the norm or expectation. This made McDonalds stand out and force other local restaurants to increase their hygienic practices in order to attract customers.

American sports are also part of the monoculture. Baseball, basketball, both American sports that is spreading worldwide. Granted it is not as popular as soccer it still holds a growing spot in culture interest . Although it is an American sport Japanese youth equally love and participate in it. This common pattern crosses cultures and language barrier. Much of its contribution should be credited to films and celebrities that Americans idolize. We encourage democracy through our journalistic and media practices. Take for example South Korea who in the 1990’s had strict publishing rules. Where it was not acceptable to criticize politicians, and such news would be censored and scripted. That change during the turn of the century and boy bands became the worlds obsession, naturally some Sourh Korean boy bands formed and rocked the nation. Since celebrities shape the nations youth, journalist help those pop stars to moral standards. When that was published, journalist expanded and held their politicians to a higher moral standard. Their freedom of press was expanded and it all started with boy bands

The monoculture has the ability to change, it is clear that the current monoculture mirrors the American Culture. The liberties and lifestyle in America is something that everyone else strives to achieve. The wealth portrayed by the common American, or even the opportunity of achieving the American dream pushes our culture to be number one.