The ABCs Of College

We learned A for Apple and Z for Zebra in kindergarten, but now it is time for the ABC's of college. They're more emotional and than your regular alphabet, and depict the daily struggles of a college kid. And they're a whole lot more relatable than 'X is for xylophone.'

A is for AHHH.

Is that how we should start our description of college? Yes.

B is for breakdowns.

I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory.

C is for cumulative.

The worst swear word of all.

D is for decaf.

Because those of you drinking it are doing something very wrong.

E is for exams.

It is also the week you somehow die and come back to life to take a test several times in one week.

F is for friends.

Both the hit series and the real life ones. You’ll be very close to both during your college career.

G is for group projects.

Group projects: AKA either solo projects that you tend to have to slap everyone’s name on or a bunch of mini-projects that don’t really mesh together very well. Please remind me why we do these again.

H is for hence.

A word I love to use, especially in essays. It makes me feel like I’m Shakespeare even if I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I is for internship.

Something you need. Something that’s hard to get. Something that is probably unpaid.

J is for justification.

Because no one can justify the absolute need for concert tickets or a double shot of espresso like a college kid.

K is for know.

Because "k" is a hard letter to find words for, and also I am now a firm believer of the phrase, "the more you know, the more you know you don’t know." Because it is 100% true, and it becomes more true everyday.

L is for all the L’s we take.

Do you accidentally take a nap instead of study? Do you eat ice cream for dinner instead of the healthy food you promised yourself you’d eat? So many L’s. So few W’s.

M is for Mondays.

Only good for trying to plan out the rest of your week, taking said L’s (see above), and episodes of the Bachelor.

N is for Netflix.

'Tis important for binging and a necessity to falling asleep for those of us who require background noise.

O is online.

It’s how we do everything. Some people love it. But I don’t. Please give me a paper copy. I’m bad at technology, send help.

P is for procrastination.

Because is it really due if it’s not due tonight at 11:59?

Q is for queso.

College kids love it and it definitely can substitute for a whole meal.

R is for road trips.

One of the best things ever. A few hours at the beach is worth the drive.

S is for sleep.

Something that does not happen in normal time increments.

T is for team.

Because whether you always win or always lose, your team is always the best.

U is for Uber.

Sometimes we cave and will even call one just to take us home from class.

V is for very tired.

I know this is cheating but it is also very applicable.

W is for working out.

Something we plan but never have the time or motivation for.

X is for eXistential crisis (see what I did there?).

Bound to happen once a semester.

Y is for YOLO, FOMO, and all the things of that nature.

Take that spring break trip. Post that Instagram. No shame.

Z is for zero.

Let's hope our grades never reach so low.

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