My thoughts on why I highly recommend this read and how I think I've found my personal legend.

In The Alchemist, you can barely read a paragraph without a mention of fulfilling a dream, or “personal legend”. Santiago is on his way to pursuing what he truly believes will make him happy; what he wishes for every single day. Pursuing a dream is a long journey, and within this journey there are stages we have to go through to get closer to the goal in mind. By going through these stages, you learn from mistakes that are made along the way, and you get even more inspired from smaller achievements that are accomplished. The Alchemist is pretty much focused on showing how the characters can achieve their dreams, making the reader believe the same for real life.

For me, this is a book of encouragement. A book that makes me believe that “when you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it”. Omens are put in our paths every day to offer us guidance. Symbols that we are doing what is right for ourselves and should continue to do certain activities, or stop others that bring us no benefit. This book inspires me to follow my dreams just as Santiago did, and on the way to achieving this, I will find a connection with the world greater than when I started off, thus achieving a higher sense of balance.

If I don’t go after my dreams, I’ll be stuck in life, which is the other side of the coin. The biggest challenge is not believing in myself, and fully trusting all the resources at my disposal. Sometimes life feels like it’s going against you and it leaves you with two options; to give up, or keep fighting for what makes you happy. In order to choose the right path, you have to take a step back and remind yourself of all the positive things that you’re gaining from the journey you’re on, and that the negative things going on are just bumps on the road. Sometimes those bumps are more like potholes, so you may need to reassess your current path and determine a new one if it can’t be fixed.

Becoming a journalist is my dream, a dream I didn’t know I had. I’ve searched high and low for a major that fits my skills, personality, and passions. I’ve been deviated into other majors by what other people thought I should do, but when I finally took a step back and listened to the “language of the world”, Multimedia Journalism came to me. Even now, in the middle of pursuing this amazing degree for this amazing career, I am sometimes discouraged. But I don’t let a bump on the road stop me, instead I take initiative to keep advancing in life and look at other alternatives rather than giving up.

Even through the hardships that I have been presented with from time to time, to keep going is the best bet. The alternative would be floating through life in a state of limbo, except I wouldn’t be dead. I’d be alive but not living, watching other people accomplish what I could have accomplished as well if I hadn't given up. So giving up is not an option. The ultimate dream is to be happy, and being happy requires work but, once you’re there, everything will have been worth it.