All of us have had writer's block at some point in our lives. It feels like there are so many ideas, but nothing is flowing, or coming out. We hope that if we breathe, try and relax, or write something down, the idea will come to us right? The chance is 50/50.

There is a feeling of frustration when we all do not know what to write about. I think that sometimes writer's block is sort of the devil, because every time you are close to a hit, you get distracted by something, maybe a friend or an alarm that goes off. Then you cannot think, and then forget, and that special idea never comes back.

You also doubt that something you write about is going to be good enough, because the moment you think, your brain automatically crosses it off the list. You can write about anything, but you remember you probably created boundaries with the people around you earlier, so your brain follows up on that. Way to go!

You have come to the realization that you are desperate, so you try and write something that is relatable to all. Sorry I'm not being that creative. Today is just not my day.

When nothing comes to mind, you Google up "article ideas" and read all these articles about ideas, but you are picky about them. So you end up not choosing a single one, and you feel kinda dumb.

Then when all to no avail, you just sit there, like a blank space and think of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space." Why does stuff remind me of other stuff all the time?

There is also a pounding headache, because you realize you are over thinking it way too much. What do you expect me to do, honestly?

You worry about being less authentic because maybe what you plan to write about is too relatable, and maybe someone has written on it before. Well, I am taking the risk.

You realize it is way easier giving advice, than it is to think about writing something. Keep in mind they are ideas to help the person in need, but you cannot really help yourself when you need to advise yourself, in this context, coming up with stuff.

You feel like the sky is falling, the world is about to end, or you might die before life gets interesting. Not literally, but you get what I mean right?

Your thoughts tell you that you are hating on yourself by talking about your brain this way. Do not blame me, brain. Next time do not cross out my ideas. Ok, I am really sorry. I love you.

Did I miss anything?