With Christmas rapidly approaching the gift giving season breaths down my neck. As a 17 year old with a somewhat part time job I'm not exactly "making bank". Yet I still find a way to spoil my friends and family with gifts during the holiday season. I spend the little money that I have on them; some might say I'm burning a whole in my pocket, not saving my money for something else, but honestly, what do I care what they think? Yes, there is some validity in that statement, but repaying my friends and family for all they do for me is important. I really think that the act of giving is more exciting than getting something. Thus begins the age old debate: which is better? For me, the gift wrapping process, although stressful, is where the anticipation builds. As I slave over the presentation of gifts I can't help but think about the recipient's reaction. I get nervous, what if they don't like it, what if they have to pretend to be surprised? But then I think about the gift receipt, worst comes to worst, they return it and get something they actually want. At least I'm still apart of the process of making them happy.

Just the other day, I came across my mom's favorite perfume of ALL TIME. And I mean favorite. The excitement that rushed through my body when I saw it was unlike any other, I knew I had to get it for her, it's the least I can do. Plus, it's a win-win situation, she absolutely loves the perfume, and so do I. It's her signature scent, and in the least creepy way possible, I couldn't imagine her smelling differently. The perfume reminds me of her. It reminds me of all the long hugs we've shared with each other, all the times she would tuck me in at night and stay with me until I fell asleep. Her perfume is like a security blanket for me, quite literally too. When I was younger I used to sneak into her room and steal the perfume to douse my blankets and stuffed animals in. I was probably the biggest offender when it came to wasting her precious perfume. But back to present day, when I saw the perfume I didn't hesitate to add it to my online shopping cart. I immediately bought it, and now I anxiously await for its arrival. On christmas morning, I think it will be a toss up between my mom and I to see who was actually more excited for her gift.

The perfume is probably more important to me than it will be to my mom because it is more than just a perfume to me. The perfume embodies her, it reminds me of all that she has done for me. It reminds me of all the times she has been there for me, been right by my side, to encourage me, to support me, and to comfort me. The perfume isn't just a scent, it is a constant reminder of how important my mom is to me. It is the least I can give her to try to show her how much she means to me; it will never be enough, simply because my appreciation for my mom can't be summed up into a 1oz bottle of perfume.

Gift giving has easily become one of my favorite things to do. I'm not entirely sure what it is that gets me though. Maybe it's the simple act of showing my appreciation for my friends and family whom I love so much. Or maybe it's the look on their faces when they weren't expecting the gift, the validation that I am able to give them, the act of giving which shows them that they matter to me, that they're important, and that their happiness is my priority. The act of giving shows my loved ones just how much I appreciate them, and I couldn't think of a better way to show them just how much they mean to me.