I'm sure we all know this feeling all too well. You get back to school after summer break and you're having tons of fun, but then it hits you. Halfway through October, you suddenly realize...you miss your dog. You miss your dog so much. I live two hours away from school and the last time I saw my dog for more than a few hours was Labor Day Weekend. This is what us dog-lovers go through in a semester.

1. Denial

I'm not going to miss her, I'm not going to miss her, I'm not going to miss her. I'm going to be absolutely fine without seeing my puppy everyday. Absolutely. It's fine, I'm fine, everything's fine.

2. Guilt

I don't miss my dog, but she must miss me so much! I'm such a horrible person for going to school so far away from home and my puppy.

3. Bargaining

Hey...lil sis...you love me right? Want to send me six billion pictures of the dog to get me through this week? Pretty please? I'll do anything!

4. Longing

It's late and you're procrastinating by scrolling through all of the pictures of your dog that you've ever taken. You're crying on the inside as you drink more coffee and get back to your essay.

5. The Upward Turn

Only five more weeks, four more weeks, three more weeks...wait! Thanksgiving break! Only five more days, four more days, three more days...

6. The Post-Thanksgiving Slump

You have to go back to school. You just got home and you already have to leave again. You're going to be sad, the dog is going to be sad. No one is going to be okay with this.

7. The Beacon of Light Through Finals Week

Five more days til puppy, four more days til puppy. I hope I don't fail my finals. Three more days til puppy, two more days til puppy...

8. The Grand Reunion


9. The Spring Semester Dread

You...have to go back to school after winter break. You have to leave your dog again?! Five weeks left with puppy, four weeks and six days left with puppy...