5 Things That Make Your Return To Syracuse University

5 Things That Make Your Return To Syracuse University

College is finally here!

We all know the craziness, thrill, sadness and over all emotional instability of going to college. There is too much to do in so little time, it's tough. But, there are a couple things, traditionally, that signify going back to school every fall.

1. Packing

Everyone knows the irritation, anger, sweat, and anxiety that comes with packing for college. Not only are u packing to leave home but you are bringing enough clothing to last you a full 8 months at school. That is a lot of stuff. Not only that, but let us discuss the actual transportation of said stuff. Every nook and cranny of the vehicle is filled. Those with severe claustrophobia are required to face their fears for the however many hour long commute to school. Fathers are sweating, mothers are crying and siblings are just a waste of space and resources. But hey! It’s all worth it.

2. The week of eating prior to leaving for school

The week before leaving you insulate your body with all the home-cooked food, favorite restaurant meals, and delicious treats before returning back to the questionably edible dining hall food. What many people don’t realize is that within this week you actually gain a substantial amount of weight only kick-starting your overall weight gain at school. Is it all worth it? It’s hard to say, but, desperate times call for desperate measures!

3. Realizing you actually have so many clothes

The issue of establishing an acceptable wardrobe for college is pervasive among all female college students. What you don’t realize is that your wardrobe is pretty well developed after digging through the forgotten drawers and nooks of closets while packing. The benefit of this is that you realize you actually have a lot of clothes and that is evident in the U-Haul you were forced to bring along.

4. The excitement of returning to school

Although summer is coming to an end, the familiar scents of fall are starting to show. The anticipation of returning to school is eating away at you. Independence grows each year you return to college and it really is one of the best feelings. Not only is the social scene on point but school actually appeals to your interests and dreams in life. Everything about college allows maturity to flourish in the young minds of everyone. We must enjoy it!

5. The Goodbyes

Goodbyes are never fun. Saying goodbye to your best friends from home is one of the most painful things to do. Saying goodbye to your parent’s hurts just as much if not more. And finally, saying goodbye to sisters and brothers is probably one of the worst. Although it hurts to leave those who have grown so close to your heart, a sense of autonomy and responsibility is gained from living away from home. But, with goodbyes come all the hello’s from college friends which is so exciting and fun for everyone.

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Professors change students' outlook on learning

Which professor you get DOES matter.

The professor makes the class.

This statement could not be more true, in my opinion. Students can take courses on the most riveting topics, but not learn or understand due to a bad professor. Luckily, most of the professors I have encountered have been engaging and have opened my mind to learning new things.

I am currently studying journalism, which is a subject I already love. However, my professor Dr. B is so incredibly passionate about the field. Every class she shares stories and anecdotes about her time as a journalist for a major Canadian newspaper, and her enthusiasm is contagious. As a student journalist, it is exciting to hear stories from someone who has had vast experience in the field. Her excitement inspires me to be just as passionate about my future career.

I am also studying political science, and I am enrolled in the African Politics course. Prior to the class, I had no knowledge of African Politics. I took the course because I wanted to learn a new subject, and I knew that Dr. Ziemke would have endless experiences to share. Because I had previously taken her for International Relations, I knew that she had worked in Africa as a volunteer on the Peace Corps, and she had a deep connection to Africa. Her passion, humor, and stories are what make a three-hour long class bearable.

Passionate professors create passionate students who are prepared and excited to improve their fields of study. These professors shape and mold students, give students encouragement and support, challenge students, and help students reach their potential. Professors have so much power to influence the future through their students.

It is important to understand how much a professor can truly affect how invested students are in a topic. When students have subpar professors, they tune out and do what they need to do in order to pass. When presented with a passionate, engaging professor, students take a deeper interest in the material. They put forth more effort because they understand the value of the topic being studied and want to tackle any issues in that field.

I truly believe that professors have the power to make or break a class.

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I Changed My Major, And So Can You

​One of the hardest parts of college is choosing what you want to get out of college.

One of the hardest parts of college is choosing what you want to get out of college. There’s a lot to think about when you choose where you want to go. Do you want a big or small school, in or out of state, weather, the full college experience, etc.

A decision that is left to be made once you’ve already committed to a school is what you’re going to do after graduation. Your major often reflects this decision. Some know exactly what they want to do and others take a little more time to figure it out.

(AKA me)

I did running start in high school and graduated with my associate’s. Then I came to WSU to pursue a degree in public relations. I was sure working in PR for a non-profit was what I wanted to do but turns out, it’s not.

I am now pursuing a double major in Speech and Hearing Sciences and I plan to be a speech therapist after school. My plans changed quite a bit in the two years I was at WSU.

For anyone else who’s still thinking about what you want your major to be or maybe changing your major, here’s some advice from my experience with trying to figure out my life all at once.

1. Cut yourself some slack

It’s okay to change your mind or not know what you want to do yet. Don’t let people fool you, most of us don’t have it all figured out.

2. Talk to people in the careers you’re interested in

Going out and talking to people in the field you’re interested in is more helpful than talking to an advisor or your professor. When I was thinking about speech therapy, the advisors at WSU didn't know much about it and I learned more from talking to real speech therapists.

3. Take the baby steps

It’s overwhelming if you need to change your major or you start thinking too far into the future. It’s important to slow down and think about what needs to be done now and worrying about the rest when it’s time. When I decided to double major I started thinking about how I would need to apply for more loans, get an apartment, take the GRE but the only thing I needed to do at the time was email my advisor. I could figure out the rest later.

4. What’s important to you?

I’ve always wanted to work with kids and have a job that helps people. It’s also important for me to have a job that is flexible for when I have a family. After talking to family friends and looking into speech therapy, it sounded like the perfect career to me. I could work in the school district and have the same breaks as my future kids.

5. Will you be able to find a job?

Most people go to college to get a job. This is something to consider when choosing a major because some career fields are more competitive than others. If I'm going to pay for graduate school, I want to be able to find a job right away. Speech pathology is a growing field and I shouldn't have a problem finding a job.

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