The 5 Study Soundtracks You Didn't Know You Needed
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The 5 Study Soundtracks You Didn't Know You Needed

Studying has never been this fun.

The 5 Study Soundtracks You Didn't Know You Needed

As much as we would like to ignore it, many of us are going back to college in a little under three weeks. Our lazy mornings will be replaced by early lectures, and our relaxed evening activities will be substituted for completing homework assignments and cramming for upcoming tests. As much of a shock as this change will be, we don't need to meet the inevitability of schoolwork with dread and despair. In fact, as I've learned, having a good soundtrack to work to – along with a snack and a cup of tea - makes studying much more enjoyable. Throughout my high school and college careers, I've realized that music allows me to focus on the task I am doing. Although the music I listen to while studying is instrumental, in order that I would not be distracted by the words, it still makes working more fun! Without further ado, here is a list of artists who have produced classical tracks that I have enjoyed during my study sessions time and time again.

The Piano Guys

Also known as, my favorite classical group! The Piano Guys is a four-man group that produces instrumental covers and mash-ups to songs and soundtracks. Whether creating an epic classical piece, or a fun, whimsical tune, their music always motivates me to study, and their musical talent leaves me in awe!

Where to start: Their newest album Limitless, which includes beautiful tracks such as In My Blood/Swan Lake and Walking The Wire/Largo.

Ludovico Einaudi

I have been a fan of Ludovico Einaudi for a long time, ever since I discovered how beautiful and tranquil his piano pieces are. His works truly create a calm and studious vibe with minimal distraction. For the aspiring pianist, his pieces are also fun to learn how to play.

Where to start: His album Elements, which also features the Amsterdam Sinfonietta Orchestra.

Brian Crain

While Brian Crain has a similar tranquil vibe to Ludovico Einaudi's piano music, his music contains a more optimistic and lullaby-esque quality. No matter what assignment we are working on, we need a reminder that everything is going to be okay – and Crain's comforting piano provides just the soundtrack. While listening, try your best to stay awake: I know that I have often fallen asleep to his music.

Where to start: His album Piano and Violin Duet, in which his piano is perfectly complimented by a violin.

The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack by Howard Shore

Sometimes, studying can feel like an adventure. For the reminder that your work is part of something bigger, pop on a rousing movie soundtrack. The Lord of the Rings soundtrack is one of my favorites, because it mixes in melodies from different lands to truly embody the magic and mystery of Middle Earth. Listening to Frodo's epic quest throughout the trilogy can only remind you and inspire you of the importance of your own.

Where to start: The Fellowship of the Ring – not only will you appreciate the saga's beginnings, but you will also get the most opportunity to listen to the music of the Shire.

Any Disney Soundtrack, Ever

Let's be honest – studying can sometimes be intimidating. Whether tackling a paper worth a quarter of your grade, or applying for an internship, academic pursuit is often wrought with challenge and uncertainty. For challenges like these, I have found that putting on a reassuring soundtrack such as the Disney one reminds me that no matter what happens, life will continue. After all, there is no other soundtrack that inspires so much joy.

Where to start: I love the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack – but you honestly can't go wrong! :)

Hopefully these soundtracks will inspire your studying and motivate you to do the best work you can. Now take these soundtracks with you to learn relentlessly in order to be the very best you can be.

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