The 10 Types Of People On Road Trips

We all love a good road trip every now and then. For Florida Atlantic University, this week is spring break, and I, along with many others, are taking to the roads for adventures and experiences that will be remembered long after we graduate. So, without further ado, here are the 10 types of people on road trips:

1. The Shotgun

When the road trip was initially being planned, this person shouted one small yet powerful word from the rooftops: "Shotgun!" It is he/she that has claimed the sacred title of shotgun. This position is not to be taken lightly, and they will have a lot of responsibility to make sure the road trip is running smoothly (and also that the driver doesn't get lost).

2. The Navigator

This person somewhat falls into the Shotgun category. He/she knows all the routes, shortcuts and hidden pathways. They also know how to effectively read a map as well as use a GPS, and may be found hunched over said maps or phones or GPS, navigating the mighty vessel throughout its journey.

3. The "Are We There Yet?"

Probably found lounging in the back seats, this person isn't doing much besides having a good ol' time, eating lots of carbs and occasionally asking how far away the next destination is. Props to them for snagging this comfortable, coveted, albeit slightly irritating, role.

4. The DJ

After spending countless hours perfecting the playlist before actually embarking on the road trip, this person plays DJ throughout the drive. This person plays an endless stream of fantastic songs and beats, keeping everyone entertained and happy.

5. The Snack King

Pringles, donuts, water bottles, juice boxes, pop tarts, trail mix, granola bars, pretzels, Gatorade—you name it, the Snack King has it. This person packed all the good stuff, making sure no one will ever go hungry while in the car.

6. The Small Bladder

There is always that one person—the one person that chugs three coffees in the morning, causing an initial, but probably fun, delay in the trip to go spend time in gas station bathrooms. At least it gives everyone else time to get out and stretch their legs and take plenty of rest stop selfies.

7. The Driver

Probably the most underrated role, the driver is the most important of all. Without him/her, nobody would go anywhere. This person has taken the responsibility, volunteered their car, sanity and skill to take everyone on this wild adventure. Not the most glamorous road trip role, this person most likely planned the trip, but rest assured, they are still having lots of fun.

8. The Tour Guide

With itinerary in hand, this person has planned out all of the stops and all of the fun excursions for the road trip. They take pride in sticking to the schedule. They also are making sure everyone is enjoying themselves, absorbing all the sights and sounds. They are most likely a well-experienced traveler and know all the fun spots to hit and all the hidden gems to explore.

9. The Selfie Queen

This person is documenting the entirety of the road trip. They probably own a selfie stick, and can be found constantly taking tons of selfies, group pictures, candid shots, nature photos and videos to capture memories and share on social media.

10. The One Just Along For The Ride

Unique and independent, this person is most likely an old soul. They are well-known to be extremely laid-back with constant positivity and charm radiating from them. They live in the moment, enjoying every little detail of the road trip. This person can be found telling fun stories in the car or chilling out in the back.

Whichever role(s) you fall into, each person is critical in having a fantastic, memorable and fun road trip. Happy Spring Break!

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